Corvettes in Paradise 2008

Monday September 1st, 2008 at 7:99 AM
Posted by: Derek

By Derek Mau

2000 Corvette w/LS2 engine

I’m supposed to be on vacation in Hawaii. The plan was to spend a few relaxing days visiting relatives, friends and some quality time with the GF. Early Saturday morning I passed by the Honolulu Zoo driving up to Diamondhead to do some hiking. What caught my attention was a row of modified and restored Corvettes with very shiny paint and their proud owners polishing the chrome with their micro-fiber cloths. Whoa! What is happening here?

Corvettes in Paradise 2008

What I stumbled upon was the local Corvette Club of Hawaii holding their annual Labor Day weekend car show – Corvettes in Paradise – and one of the club members had secured a permit to have this year’s contest next to the Honolulu Zoo. Sunny skies, warm tropical breezes, and beautiful women in bikinis strolling on the boulevard. You couldn’t ask for a better venue for a car show. Below are a few examples of what was on the lawn this warm and tropical day in Waikiki.

This is a ’67 Vette owned by Tim Smith. Under the hood is a stock 427 motor rated 390 hp from the factory. Tim has owned his pride and joy for 9 years and purchased this restored beauty from another local Corvette enthusiast. Looking at the motor in Tim’s vette reminded me of the big block 402 motor I had built up during my high school years and smog laws for a ’71 Chevy Nova weren’t very strict.

1967 Corvette with 390 hp 427 motor 1967 Corvette with 390 hp 427 motor

1967 Corvette with 390 hp 427 motor and chrome side pipes 1967 Corvette with 390 hp 427 motor

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