Best Mid-size Sedans of 2010 That Cost Less Than $30,000

Monday November 22nd, 2010 at 8:1111 AM
Posted by: AKramer

Chevy Malibu

Make no mistake, the Malibu is not the forgettable rental fleet sedan GM used to build. The very first characteristic of the Malibu we noticed was that driving-wise, this car is on another planet compared to it’s predecessors, with taught handling and a brawny 3.6 liter engine that happily roasts rubber all day long, and a presence of cars twice its price.

The Malibu’s appearance oozes with such quality, that those experiencing it for the first time immediately question whether someone slapped Chevy logos on it as a joke, or if it’s actually a GM product. Featuring sharp exterior lines, an eye-catching chevron-shaped grille, bold 18-inch aluminum rims, and a luxurious, roomy interior, the Malibu competes on all levels with its Japanese counterparts; and it does it for thousands of dollars less.


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One Response to Best Mid-size Sedans of 2010 That Cost Less Than $30,000

  1. derek says:

    Editor’s note: The rating number for the Chevy Malibu is misleading because it includes all the model years that were reviewed by users. The archaic system that is in place cannot just give a rating for a specific model year or generation of car. That feature will be in the next version of CarReview.

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