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Wait, did I read that right? Nearly fifty-five miles per gallon? Shoot, that’s impressive. The new, and hopefully coming to America soon VW Golf Plus BlueMotion Diesel gets 54.7 miles per gallon. An astounding, and very useful number to be sure. And with as well screwed together a ride as a VW Golf is, and with all the nifty comfort and convenience features it has, this could turn into one helluva great commuter car. Or a road trip car for that matter. With those kinds of MPG figures, you could probably make it from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on one tank (as an example).

Now, do bare in mind that this is the European model (the British model, actually), and at the moment there are no firm plans to bring the car here, but c’mon VW, you’d be dumb not to. As it sits in the U.K., prices start at £17,570 for the Golf Plus BlueMotion S, and go all the way up to £18,920 for the SE, which is the equivalent of $28,841.86 to $31,057.94. No, not cheap, but then again, those prices also figure in British taxes and such like.

This is the latest member of the Golf family, and shows off a new face-lift that will probably propagate onto other Golf models soon. Under the hood, the new oil burning mill puts out 105 horsepower and displaces 1.6-liters. The latest Golf also features such neat eco features as a Start/Stop engine function and regenerative braking systems. The Golf BlueMotion Diesel also comes with low rolling resistance tires (that Id ditch if I were to buy one) as well as revised gear ratios to give the hatchback a fuel economy rating of 54.7 mpg. If you’re on of those types that wants to know the CO2 output, the Golf Plus BlueMotion Diesel emits 114 g/km of CO2.

As I said, this is the British model, and isn’t here. Yet. But it should be, and here’s why.

First, VW, like every other carmaker, is going to have to raise its CAFE numbers, and this car is a good way to do it. Second, Americans not only need more options in what kind of cars to buy, but we also need to start getting more comfortable with cars like this. Third, a Golf Plus BlueMotion Diesel would be fun to modify (but that’s just me).

Source: CarScoop

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  • Ed Attanasio says:

    I got to test drive one in May. It was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  • francois says:

    Wow, just wow! I am jazzed. VW makes cars that drive well. So this can be real exciting for me and some of the vw and car enthusiasts out there.

    It’s nice to have a commuter car that doesn’t sacrifice the driving spirit.

    Sure the Prius is well done but it is pricey, it is ugly and it just kills the passion flame and appreciation for cars and for driving.


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