2009 BMW 750Li Review

BMW Expert Reviews

By Twain Mein


  • Safety features
  • Roominess
  • Handling and comfort
  • Beautiful interior
  • Incredible acceleration
  • Outward visibility

Cons (not many but…)

  • It’s expensive
  • Fan noise from the A/C and seat coolers
  • Small side view mirrors
  • Fuel economy; averaged 13.5 mpg

This one goes to 11
In the rarified world of super-luxury and prices north of $100,000, what does it take to truly be a standout? Let’s evaluate this fifth generation BMW 750Li.

  • Luxury? Check.
  • Performance? Check.
  • Space? Check.
  • Amenities? Check.
  • Safety? Check.
  • Additional features that will take you weeks, months, or years to find and realize? Check, check, check!

With this BMW, not only do you get a huge volume of standard equipment, you get a ton of extras. This is a car that will delight the moment you drive it and for many years to come

2009 BMW 750Li
Driving impressions
At over $110,000, this is the most expensive vehicle that CarReview.com has tested to date. The next closest was the $90,000 2008 Jaguar XKR. While the gorgeous Jaguar felt special-almost delicate, the BMW felt bulletproof and was instantly easy and familiar to drive. It offers excellent visibility, great handling, and a serene yet capable ride. Yet in the upscale San Francisco Bay Area, it is perhaps commonplace. Unlike the Jaguar, which attracted neighbors whom I haven’t spoken with in years, no one inquired about the silver beast parked in the driveway. On the road, however, I did sense people coming closer to check out “the guy with the goofy grin driving that stately looking car.”

As I got to know it, the BMW continued to impress. Like an onion, it has layers and layers of capabilities and features. The more you experience the new 7-series, the more it delights.

For my friends and parents who got to ride in BMW’s epicurious flagship, they thought it was simply outstanding. They thought the 750Li was handsome, powerful, spacious, luxurious, and quite stately.

BMW 750 Li LED rear tail lamps
The new BMW 750Li is a vault on wheels. Particularly impressive are the soft-touch doors. You needn’t slam them. Just close them gently and they automatically retract and seal into the door frame. Locking and unlocking the doors is similarly elegant; if you are “wearing” the key, all you need to do is tap the top of the door handle to lock or gently tug on the handle to unlock.

Inside, no matter the speed, there was no trace of chassis flex, zero wind noise, and very little engine sound (unless at full throttle – the Bimmer has butterfly valves on the dual exhaust that flap open on hard acceleration). And with the sunroof open at full, there was no irritating thrum. All of the interior bits feel substantial; the leather is thick and smells wonderful. Steering wheel and controls are also well constructed.

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  • r4 says:

    Incredible interior. It’s like being inside a movie theater or high end private jet. Blue tooth for phone, navigation (map) is awesome and the dvd for the back is a must to see.

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  • francois says:

    This car is really a showcase of what’s possible today using BMW technology. Actually, since this is the king of all tech cars, it is a shining example of all automotive technology today.


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  • Derek says:

    I would rather be driven around in a 7-series than a Town Car any day of the week.

  • Larry says:

    It’s impressive for sure, but there are so many refined cars out there now (including some US made). The limolike back seat is nice, but for everyday use just a gratuitous extra? I guess, if you have to ask price, then you can’t afford…

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