VW Phaeton Returns To America

Wednesday August 19th, 2009 at 8:88 AM
Posted by: tonyb

VW Phaeton V12

VW’s Phaeton, a car with a lot going for it, but also one that was more of a question for a lot of prospective buyers, will return to these shores. That is, it will be back if you believe Volkswagen CEO Stefan Jacoby when he confirmed that the Phaeton will eventually return to the U.S.

The Phaeton was a much-loved idea for VW fans, but turned into lightning strike without any thunder. It almost seemed like many prospective buyers couldn’t wrap their minds around a luxury VW that went for more than an Audi 6-series. Which is an ironic turn of events, considering VW is the corporate parent of Audi,

But Volkswagen is going back to the Phaeton well one more time, according to the Detroit News. They interviewed CEO Jacoby, who confirmed that the Phaeton would come back to these shores, although he didn’t specify when.

Jacoby said that a new midsize sedan is on the way to replace the Passat, and that it will be built in the company’s new plant in Tennessee. The new Passat replacement will feature both gas and diesel engines and in time a hybrid drivetrain.

Jacoby went on to say, “Above the midsize new sedan, we’ll have another product, like the Avalon for Toyota. That’s our strategy, to have a lineup ending with the Phaeton (luxury sedan). We will bring the Phaeton back to the market.”

In addition to these four-door plans, Jacoby added that Volkswagen is also looking to add a subcompact to the lineup (perhaps this is the always rumored American debut of the Polo?) as well as possibly adding another U.S. built SUV to the North American line up.

The Phaeton was an interesting car that never got its due, and I’m glad their bringing it back. I’m much more of a sportscar guy, but I think that a company like VW (and most other major manufacturers) should always have a range topping uber-sedan. Except for sportscar companies, they should leave sedans alone.

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4 Responses to VW Phaeton Returns To America

  1. John Rees says:

    VW should work on ther customer service. View my VW experience here:

  2. francois says:

    It may be a good time to buy one of those used Phaetons at Craigslist. They are going so cheap right now since no one wants a discontinued car.

    My neighbor got a mint one for a steal and extremely pleased with it.

  3. tonyb says:

    Really … I’d like to see that.

  4. derek says:

    VW is also working on a 2-door version of the Phaeton. Test mules have already been spied running around Europe in disguise. Now that would be cool if the new generation Phaeton coupe is sold here in North America.


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