Lose Your Job—No Problem! Just Give the Hyundai Back!

Tuesday January 6th, 2009 at 12:11 PM
Posted by: goofshow

HyundaiIs this a sign that the end is very near? Desperate beads of perspiration must be breaking out on the brow of our nation’s auto industry. Get this, Hyundai Motors is offering an incentive program for U.S. consumers; if you buy a car and lose your job, you can simply return your vehicle—no flippin’ strings attached! I kid you not.

Here’s what they are offering: Any Hyundai customer may return a vehicle within the first year of purchase (12 months) and WALK AWAY from their loan obligation — up to $7,500 in “negative equity” — in the event of a loss of income. Terrific! I’m going to get a job at Burger King with the sole intent of being fired in a couple weeks due to a horrific, life-changing milkshake mishap just so I can temporarily have a set of Hyundai wheels to spin around in. It’s just like renting a car, but without the rental payment part.

David Zuchowski, Hyundai’s vice president of U.S. sales, said, “The assurance is our attempt to proactively address what we believe is one of the primary contributors to today’s economic woes — a dramatic decline in consumer confidence.” To sweeten the deal in this purchasing-safety-net, Hyundai should also offer to throw in a free key lime pie, water purifier kit, and A Billy May’s Big City Slider Station.

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