Nissan GT-R Is Motor Trend Car of The Year

Tuesday November 18th, 2008 at 11:1111 AM
Posted by: tonyb

Well this is odd, not that Motor Trend picked the GT-R, that makes a lot of sense, it’s just that for once, MT picked a half-way decent car for once.

How long has Motor Trend had the rep of giving away “Car of The Year” or “Truck of The Year” to something half-assed or, even worse, to a car that has been advertised in their pages more than others.

But the GT-R? Shoot, I have yet to hear of anyone not singing the praises of this thing. Sure, it’s styling isn’t perfect; kind of bulky and hulking, and the dash & gauges are sort of too flashy and video game inspired, but no one can fault the driving dynamics of this thing.

The GT-R is no Ferrari, but have you noticed how much it’s worried the guys at Porsche? The GT-R has seriously raised the bar for what is coming out of Japan, sort of stealing that mantel from Honda’s NSX, the last king of the hill from Japan.

This bodes well … let’s see what will top the GT-R, shall we?

Source: AutoBlog

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