It’s Fun To Be A Top Dealer For Chrysler!

Wednesday December 31st, 2008 at 1:1212 PM
Posted by: goofshow

It’s fun to be a hotshot dealer for a major car corporation. All year long you push hard to be the top salesman so your company will award you with such perks as a free trip to Mexico to show their appreciation for your had work and commitment to the company. That is if you work for Chrysler. Yes, for the first time in decades—that’s right DECADES—Chrysler has cancelled their annual reward meeting for top-performing dealers. The annual pat-on-the-back was going to be held in March and would have included an all-expenses paid trip to the Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Last year’s meeting was held at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Fla., with 300 dealers enjoying the perks of a job well done. The canceling of this year’s trip is to cut costs and give time to shift around the deck chairs on the auto industry Titanic.

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