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Looks like Hyundai is getting more and more serious as time moves along. Their upcoming Equus, a big sedan with a big engine, is pretty serious in and of itself, and has garnered lots of positive press attention. And now Hyundai is already rolling out variants on the upcoming flagship. In this case we’re talking about a Hyundai Equus Limousine that features not only a longer wheelbase but will also boast a new 400 HP 5.0-liter V8 engine under the hood.

This new Equus limo, will also sport different exterior styling and enhanced safety, comfort and convenience features, which only makes sense, since limos are all about comfort and convenience, right. The Equus Limousine has it’s wheelbase stretched a whopping 11.8-in., which brings the overall length to a yacht-like 215-in., longer than its rivals like the Mercedes S500L and BMW 750iL. Wow, Hyundai is now rivals with Mercedes and BMW?

It turns out that this was no run of the mill chop-and-stretch job. Rather than adding a section in the middle and making longer rear doors, Hyundai stretched the wheelbase with the addition of a new section in the B-pillar area. Also noticeable on the outside is a unique horizontal cross-bar radiator grille with an emblem in the center.

Behind the grill, buyers of the Equus Limousine will get two engine choices. There’s an entry-level 3.8-liter V6 that makes 290HP and 36.5kgm of torque and a new and uprated version of the 4.6-liter V8 Tau unit. With displacement bumped up to 5.0 liters, the mill cranks out 400HP and 51.0kgm of torque. Either engine will put the power to the ground through the rear wheels and a six-speed automatic transmission.

The interior features cavernous amounts of legroom, 51.6 inches in fact. There is also a power-driven footrest and what Hyundai describes as “Rear Seat Leg Support, Relax Posture Control and Massage System functions.” If you are REAL safety conscious, or just paranoid, or perhaps a despot, Hyundai also offers a bulletproof version of the Equus Limousine they developed in-house.

Like the car, the price is a real whopper too. The bill will range from around US$113,000 to US$122,180, based on current exchange rates, but there is no official word if the Hyundai Equus Limousine will make it to the states.

Hyundai Equus interior

Hyundai Equus interior

Source: CarScoop

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  • Derek says:

    Equus re-visited: I finally drove the Equus and walked away with a better impression than before. Ride quality is solid and comes close to feeling like its European counterparts – strong, confident, and luxuriously quiet. And the Lexicon 17-speaker surround sound system is heaven to the ears.

  • derek says:

    Why is this article so popular?

    I sat inside the Equus at the Pebble Beach Concours and walked away shaking my head. The Equus is overdue for a redesign and does not represent the new designs and technology that the Genesis, Sonata, and Tuscon deliver.

    IMO, Hyundai should have waited until the redesigned Hyundai is ready for market because the Equus is not up to par when compared to other cars in its class.

  • Stretch Limousine says:

    The Hyundai equus limousine car. This new Equus limo, will also sport different exterior styling and enhanced safety, comfort and convenience features…the cars two engine choice most most rear case of the cars enging…

  • SUV Limousine says:

    The Looks like Hyundai very cool and feature very amazing

  • Peter Anastopulos says:

    I think Lincoln might lose shares against Equus or compete quiet well since that who it seems to be benched marked.This is not competition for Bentley,Rolls, Mercedes S or Maybach and BMW because it will always be a Hyundai.It will look cheap our mental image of Prestige does not include Hyundai or Honda and that case is what holds back Lexus. The Koreans have been producing these large cars for years and they used to copy Mercury Marquis.I think this a mistake reason being is that Limos are fading from our memory’s as the executives of today would rather be in a Suburban/Escalade/Navigator/Range Rover/Land Cruiser etc.The limo of today say’s drunken girls night to prom night.It’s not exclusive and with hot tubes in the back it’s more gimmick then something to aspire to .

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