First Photos of Porsche’s Four-Door Baby: Panamera Gran Turismo!

Tuesday November 25th, 2008 at 11:1111 AM
Posted by: goofshow

Porsche PanameraWith the same fanfare as the Enquirer releasing photos of TomKat’s baby Suri, Porsche AG, Stuttgart has unveiled to the world their latest baby. Yes, the first official photos of the four-seater Panamera Gran Turismo:

And what proud parents the Porsche family must be. While retaining the classic Porsche-look, this is the company’s first sedan in all its four-door, touring car glory; with the typical Porsche sports car DNA and style, along with sporting driving dynamics, a generous and variable interior, and supreme driving comfort. Here’s the skinny on some of the Panamera Gran Turismo hardware surprises:

  • Placed up front the power is supplied by V-6 or V-8 engines flexing 300 to 500 horsepower of muscle!
  • It’s turbocharged with direct fuel injection for optimum efficiency!
  • Like all good sports cars the Panamera Gran Turisomo will deploy rear-wheel drive along with an option for all-wheel drive
  • Gears are shifted by a six-speed manual transmission or the company’s new PDK double-clutch, seven-speed, super-duper gearbox
  • Because it’s a touring car, with its coupe-like tailgate, the two rear seats fold down for extra cargo.
  • The Panamera will be making its world debut in spring 2009 and the first models will be at dealers worldwide in late summer of next year

Photos of this four door GT-wonder after the jump

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