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Honda did a good job with the handling and ride quality of this vehicle. The ride itself is firm without being harsh or jarring. Handling is confidence inspiring and the Michelins are predictable and forgiving. There is some minor body roll during left to right transitions, but nothing that would prevent you from enjoying some spirited driving. I tested this vehicle on Calaveras Road, which sports some very narrow, tight turns, and very little room for error. This is the same road on which I tested the Ford Shelby Mustang several weeks back. The Honda is much easier to drive fast under these conditions. Given the same driver, the Honda would beat the Mustang on this road. Braking power is good and I experienced no fade under our limited test conditions.

Honda Civic Si Honda Civic Si


Honda Civic sedans have always been fairly boxy in nature and it seems that Honda has always been satisfied to leave it to the aftermarket to improve this car’s looks. Not the case with this Civic sedan. The exterior design is smooth and flowing. And the Si package looks like it originated in the aftermarket. Nothing too crazy, but eye-catching none-the-less. I think they did a great job with the exterior design of this vehicle. It looks very modern and should age well.


The MSRP for this vehicle is $22,085. If this vehicle is as reliable as other Civics have been through the years, it will be a great value. Well designed, sporting, good looks, and fairly practical.


Solid engineering and excellent fit and finish deserve a 4 in the build category.

Flowing lines and quality materials earn this vehicle a 3.5 in the interior category. It would have been 4, but the speedometer looses half a point.

4 points in the performance category for a free revving, smooth, fun to drive motor.

Handling and ride quality that are consistent with what you should expect of a vehicle that is marketed as sporting earn this car 4 for handling. With more torque and a quieter ride, this vehicle could have earned a 5.

Modern styling that should remain fresh for years, 4 points for styling.

If this car is as reliable as its siblings, it will prove to be a great value and earns 4.5 points.
















Honda Civic Si


This car is about having your cake and getting to eat it too. Keep the motor revving at a reasonable limit, and you have an efficient vehicle good for commuting. The four doors make it practical for family transportation. It’s a Honda and should prove reliable and long-lasting. On the other side, its interior and exterior styling don’t scream, “I’m a practical car,” and the motor and handling package available with this vehicle give it a very high fun factor for more daring drivers.

So you say you want a practical vehicle for the work week and a back-road burner for the weekends, this Honda may just be the car for you.

On a side note, I would like to sincerely thank a good friend for allowing us to drive his brand new Civic with less than 1,300 miles on it. Thanks for trusting us with your new ride, Jason.

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  • Michael says:

    Just became the proud owner of a black 07 Honda Civic si 2 door today. My last car was an automatic and I have missed driving a manual. This car is amazing. Looks great, handles great and has a lot of get up and go. I myself love the placement and design of the dash and gauges. This is by far the best car I have ever owned and this is just day one

  • Sawmpi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Wanna know the price.


  • lab_700 says:

    Well, I work at Honda and the Civic Si,in my opinion, is one of the best cars that they make. As to what Joe_Prog said, I think that he either didn’t take care of his car, or whoever did take care of it for him had no idea what they were doing.

    To the clutch and the speedometer, I would agree, they definitely take some getting used to.

    After driving one constantly for quite a while now, I can say that the experience that the driver has with that car and clutch absolutely makes a difference.

    That is all I am going to say on this for now.

  • jayk20aEK says:

    if you knew more you would know its VTEC not \VTECH\ dumbass

  • New Honda Driver says:

    If it makes a difference I have poosibly persuaded my father to sell our 05 Cherokee in order to lower insurance on me and to get better mileage. I’ve done my homework and have found that the Si is possibly the best value for the money. On top of the infinite body upgrades (which every 16 year old wants) it is agile and is the right power for a new driver. I know how to drive a stick and love the interaction. Thank you for the help and the possible new car.

  • Jim says:

    I have a question does a 2007 Honda civic si sedan have great gas milege and is it good in the snow

    • Derek says:

      Fuel economy is mostly dependent upon your driving style. There are Si owners who can achieve 30 mpg when they drive “softly”. Meaning upshifting a little earlier, accelerating a little slower, cruising at speeds closer to the posted speed limit, and using the cruise control more.

      Fuel economy takes a big dive when the Si is driven at high RPMs and the engine is working in its VTEC range.

      The Civic is a FWD car and should perform respectably with a good set of tires and using common sense. Just don’t expect AWD performance from the Civic and it should do well under most conditions.

  • Jeff says:

    Had shifter problems as well with my 2007 Si 4-dr. 2-3 shift as well as 1-2 on occasion. Thought it was me…than my brother did it several times…grinding certainly is not a good sound in this case. Put GM Syncrotech SYNTHETIC Manual Tranny fluid in – it’s like a new car. Trust me – this works. :-)

  • Fishman says:

    i got a civic si. wanted to no if a supercharger is wise. kinda worried bout reliability. will low boost like 7psi wear a motor out like the civics? Tho it wasnt meant for boost from factory. just want it to last to over 100k miles. is it possible with a blower?

  • Gio says:

    LOl, let’s see your mazda last for 3 years using it at hi rpm’s(in mazda this means 5.000 rpm) FACT!!! I just wanna say that the speedometer is not a con, you just have to adjust it to day light.

  • ken says:

    plus, mazdaspeed cars are turbocharged and 2.3 liter.

    pop a turbo on an Si and lets see who wins. honda knows how to build motors. AJP turbo kits make over 400+ HP w/ 300+ tq. The extremely reliable, low boost Greddy kits make about 300 hp/ 260 tq.

    2.0 k20z3 from Honda = 99 hp / liter
    2.3 from Mazda3 (w/o turbo) = 68 hp / liter

    k20z3 with conservative Greddy turbo = 148 hp / liter
    2.3 from Mazdaspeed 3 = 116.5 / liter

    On pure engineering skill Mazda < Honda

    Let’s see your Mazda handle 8800 RPM’s on stock internals. My “econobox” Si can. Hello tuning…

  • ben says:

    the 2007 mazdaspeed 6 starts at 28k compared to 20k for the 07 si

  • Johnyy says:

    A better car $/horsepower is a mazdaspeed3 and mazdaspeed6. Nice looking cars with a 262 horsepower engine. 280 ft. of torque!!!

  • shank says:

    nickk an an idiot just a 19 year old thinkin your know everything. First of its spelled V-tec not v-tech. v-tech make play toys for children

  • Detritus says:

    Joe_Prog, are you for real? So the car just starts mysteriously pulling and eating tires? Did you bother to have it checked? Road noise, yes, and Honda has been gigged for that in the past, but not wind noise. My thoughts are that you did not service it properly or take care of it, then wondered why it fell apart. My ’08 Si sedan is, hands down, one of the best cars I have ever owned. I even take care of it. What a thought.

    Sorry dude, but Hondas are considered the best cars money can buy for a reason.

    My only complaint about the car is the Navi system. It’s at least three years old, the routes it chooses are not always the most direct, and I’m finding more and more systems out there that have weather, traffic, and some other goodies. Otherwise, this car is awesome.

    And Nickkk, you are wrong about the terminology. Sorry.

  • aj says:

    joe_prog, your problems sound specific to your car. maybe something happened with it at the dealership and messed up your car’s alignment. i have the 2dr si, but i know people with the 4dr who haven’t had problems with their cars. on the other hand, i will agree with you about the paint being thin…but i’ve found that most cars nowadays chip paint really easily. it’s either there are more stones out there that hit the paint, or the manufacturers are just putting less paint on the cars.

  • Suhadi says:

    No comment, just amazing car!.

  • Everyone Hates on NUMBER ONE says:

    Fuck all you Honda haters, when your the best you always get hated on. Almost comparable to USA vs. “Insert your #2 country here” everyone hates us b/c we are numero uno. I have owned 5 Honda’s and each one is still on the road today outlasting every vehicle owned by my friends/family/neighbors/etc… I just purchased a ’09 Civic SI 2DR and I’m loving every min. of it from the horsepower to the 12 mph cruzin’ down the strip. For $/HP show me a better deal. Remember there’s a reason why Honda is one of the few companies not having to take a loss on their cars/trucks now-a-days….I’ll just leave it at that.

  • nickkk 96 hatch says:

    OK u guys gotta learn am 19 and know more then all of you people… V-TECH is VARIABLE TIMING ELECTRIC CONTROL .Now what is pump up more oil to the head when u hit around 8 to 9 RPMS to add a bigger amount of stroke to the lobes of the cam so lifts the values more for intake(and as you know the intake values are bigger or have two values for intake Because intake is hard to suck in then to releasing). I-vtech is the same thing just that the lobe on the came is a little bit bigger by degress.

  • joe says:

    “I can’t think of a car that sounds better (out of the box) for it’s displacement.”

    I love how Honda guys always use “For it’s Displacement” in whatever argument they’ve got LMAO

  • Joe_Prog says:

    Just got rid of mine. I had the same car you reviewed…4dr SI. From the dealer, the car pulled to the right, ate up the rt front tire, steering wheel jumped to the right when leaving a stop. No, I did not hit a curb. NOISY interior, lots of wind noise coming from the driver’s door, the floor, the doors rattled. Thin paint on the front meant I was constantly fixing stone chips. Couldn’t stand to keep it more than 9 months. That was my 5th and last Honda.

  • Christiaan says:

    Wow RAV3 -

    Have to disagree on a couple of things there … the exhaust note/engine sound from the 06-08 Si K20Z3 is quite pleasing to just about anyone I’ve taken for a drive in my 08. In fact, I can’t think of a car that sounds better (out of the box) for it’s displacement.

    Vague shifting? Are we talking about the same car? The Honda shifter is in my humble opinion, hands down the best shifter in it’s class – period. Fast, precise, easy. Can’t imagine how one might improve upon it. I really don’t understand how you came to that conclusion.

    “There’s really no reason to put high-octane fuel in the SI” —

    Listen to me people DO NOT HEED THIS ADVICE. You should always use high octane fuel in the K20. If its an emergency and only 87 is available, then use it – but do not use 87 octane fuel regularly. When you do, you are asking the motor to operate on the edge of it’s operational range in terms of mixture, spark advance and valve timing. THIS CAN DAMAGE THE MOTOR OVER TIME. Keep your foot out of it when running 87 octane for sure, as there are potentially substantially greater mechanical stresses put on the motor.

    The K20 Si may not be classified as a “fast” car (especially with a shift-point just shy of 60mph – ruining the 0-60 times) but it puts you back in your seat when in the 5800-8500rpm range with the short gearing. Not a glorified econo-car, certainly. In fact – it is so quick that it worries most owners that tickets are inevitable.


  • RAV3 says:

    And just about EVERY car manufacturer uses some sort of variable valve timing, one of Subaru’s technologies is basically identical to VTEC, just the Hondas don’t seem to produce much torque and suffer from very tinny, whiny engines. As far as a sporty econocar, its not a bad package except for the wedge-of-cheese exterior, Fisher-Price interior, whiny engine note, vague shifting, and complete lack of torque. There’s no reason to put high-octane fuel in the SI. Keep the revving within reason and the car should perform fine. Apparently a terrible car to try to “tune”. Bigger wheels/tires don’t help the low torque engine or economy. You could tweak the handling but you’re still driving essentially one of the most efficient econocars on the road. If one is looking for the optimal Civic variant, the hybrid takes much better advantage of the Civic’s offerings…

  • Derek says:

    VTEC is the valve timing and lift control technology that Honda uses with their high performance engines (K20A, B16A, EK3 D15B) to squeeze more power out of a small engine, but still get good fuel economy numbers. I can get 30 MPG overall in my ’02 RSX if I keep my speed down near the posted speed limit. iVTEC is VTEC + VTC (Variable Timing Control) which allows for dynamic/continuous intake valve timing and overlap control to optimize power, torque, fuel economy and emissions. You can read more about iVTEC at http://asia.vtec.net/article/k20a/

    If I understand your question correctly, Hondata is my preference for ECU modification and enhancement.

  • John says:

    hey thanks for gettin back to me. i have couple more questions. first off, what is th difference between vtech, and i-vtech? next, im looking to get a controller for it. however, im not so sure if i should. i dont wanna take the risk of voiding my warranty or breaking my engine. thanks again.


  • Derek says:

    The ECU programming is setup for for a lower grade fuel, but the 91 octane is preferred to avoid pinging or pre-detonation. You have a hi-performance engine and it should be treated with the best available gas.

    Sorry, I can’t suggest a supercharger or turbo either way. I prefer normally aspirated engines because of the faster throttle response and reliability factor. Although, I admit forced induction is the way to go if you are looking for the biggest improvement in speed with aftermarket mods.

  • John says:

    some of these reviews say the Si can “only” use premium gas, i have an Si coupe, and i put the high octane in but the car runs fine on regular. also, im not sure if i just suck at quick shifting, but sometimes, when i am, i miss 2nd gear and grind it. i saw in a different review that it happens sometimes, just wonderin… but, i think you did a great job with the review, and the rating system you did was sweet. but overall i love the car, and i think it has alot of potential. i am just wondering what would be better to put into it, a turbo, or a supercharger. thanks…. John

  • Lance says:

    Oh yea the engine is the k20z3 in the civic si 06 and up. Just thought i would let you know so you could correct that.

  • Derek says:

    Whoops! You are right – the Civic Si uses 91 octane fuel. I have a K20A2 engine in my ’02 RSX and that uses premium gas, also. The ’05 RSX Type S and Civic Si share the same engine, K20Z1.

  • Tim Von Engeln says:

    Nice review. Did you forget to mention it requires premium gas? I couldn’t see where you mentioned that.

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