Yokohama's Eco-Friendly Tire Passes Tire Rack Test With Flying Colors

Tuesday November 3rd, 2009 at 12:1111 PM
Posted by: Derek

Yokohama MINI Cooper SNow that hybrids and fuel-efficient cars are in vogue with the public eye, the shift towards reducing our carbon footprint is gaining momentum with the carmakers and the associated industries. Yokohama has made great strides in this green direction by producing an orange-oil infused tire that replaces 80 percent of its content with non-petroleum based products, has significantly lower rolling resistance, and has a new technology tire liner that holds air much better than the old-fashioned butyl tire liners without sacrificing performance. Read our article explaining the virtues of the dB Super E-Spec tire HERE.

If you desire more concrete evidence, Tire Rack published the results of their low-rolling resistance tire test that used a Toyota Prius as their test vehicle and subjected the new generation of low-resistance tires to a battery of tests (braking, cornering, mpg performance, etc.). Yokohama’s formal press release and link to the Tire Rack test follows after the jump.

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