Lost? Let Dale Earnhardt Jr. Get You There!

Friday May 1st, 2009 at 8:55 AM
Posted by: m35man

Spotter GPS Navigator

Now Dale Earnhardt Jr. can now give you driving directions. That’s right—the NASCAR star’s voice will tell you how to get to your next pit stop; or even show you where the nearest racetrack is, via the new Spotter GPS Navigator. NASCAR, Earnhardt’s JR Motorsports and Transplant GPS will launch the Spotter GPS Navigator, Dale Jr. Edition in mid-May, it was announced recently. It will retail for $249.

Not only will you get where you’re going more efficiently, but this new GPS is pre-loaded with NASCAR points of interest, including top racetracks and team race shop locations. You can also use the standard arrow to indicate your vehicle on the map, or you can pick one of three different graphics–of Dale Jr.’s race car, his National Guard-style Chevy or his team’s rig.

Earnhardt Jr. gets a little chatty with this GPS, too. “You drive. I’ll ride shotgun,” he offers at one point. Let’s just hope some driver with this system doesn’t over imbibe one night and offer Dale the wheel. I can just see some jealous wife asking her husband, “Who were you talking to just now in the truck?” “That was just Dale, honey!”

This could be the start of a great trend. All of the big-name drivers are going to want their own GPS now. Pretty soon, fans of different sports will want their stars on their GPS systems. Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and Tom Brady voiced systems would be big movers. John Daily, Mike Tyson and O.J. Simpson units would probably not sell as well.

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