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Nissan Leaf Concept CarNissan Leaf Concept CarNissan Leaf Concept Car
Nissan Leaf Concept Car (click thumbnail image to enlarge)

If you are concerned about safety, the Leaf is bound by the same safety regulations as a regular car. Expect the final production car to have a complete arsenal of safety devices such as air bags, ABS, crumple-zones to absorb impact, etc. The Nissan Versa and Sentra have “good” safety ratings from IIHS with regards to impact test results, so Nissan engineers know how to build safety into a car — EV or otherwise.

One of the few things that differentiate the Leaf from any other car power by an ICE is the eerie quietness. About the only thing I heard is the hum of the electric motor, a little bit of wind noise when in motion, and the Nissan engineer filling my head with car techno-babble.


It’s All About the Apps

Nissan’s goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible when moving from a fossil-fuel burning car to an EV. The Leaf may drive and feel like any other regular car on the road today, but EVs require a different set of rules when it comes to its care and feeding. Hence, Nissan is working on a plan which keeps the owner connected and in constant communication with the car and power grid using a smartphone. Remote EV support via cellular networks includes monitoring the car’s charging functions, remote control for AC and charging system, and constant communication between the car and a global data center. Onboard EV support for the car comes in the form of automatic updates and a dynamic list of available charging stations near your location. Just think of it as a sophisticated app for your iPhone.

You may not need a connecting cable to plug-in the Leaf into a charging station. Experiments on non-contact electric vehicle charging are taking place in Japan whereby electric power is supplied via magnetic induction from a primary power supply coil in the ground to a secondary coil on the vehicle. When the primary coil is electrically charged, it generates a magnetic field that induces current in the secondary coil and charges the batteries with no physical connection. This is very similar to charging an electric toothbrush or charging an electronic device using the Powermat.

Nissan Leaf Concept Car

We realize that the Nissan Leaf may not be the right vehicle for everyone, but we do applaud the fact that Nissan and its partners are working towards providing an environmentally responsible alternative to fossil-fuel burning vehicles. This includes working with the utility companies to build a smart-grid that can handle a large number of EVs recharging throughout the day and night, formulating a plan for recycling Li-ion batteries, and developing new technologies that incorporate an EV into our lifestyles seamlessly. We seriously think that the Leaf warrants further investigation if having a quiet, short-range passenger vehicle fits your lifestyle. Currently the Nissan Leaf is on a 22 city nationwide tour. Check the website to find out if they will be stopping in your area.

2011 Nissan LEAF and Toyota Prius 2011 Nissan LEAF Review – Comparing the LEAF against the Volt and Prius
By Dan Tsuchiya 

“Nissan took a bold shaping approach with the lighting (LED low voltage) and bumpers of the LEAF making it stand out as a very noticeable car…nothing offensive, but it does make a visual statement.”

2011 Nissan LEAF 2011 Nissan LEAF Review – Driving into the future with Nissan’s EV
By Jessika Lora 

“Nissan thought of ways to help you stretch your dollars even further through Eco mode: through a second click of the palm shifter you can control the throttle, a feature that is not seen in any other EV or hybrid.”

Nissan LEAF EV test mule First Impressions – Nissan LEAF EV Concept
By Derek Mau 

“We seriously think that the LEAF warrants further investigation if having a quiet, short-range passenger vehicle fits your lifestyle. “


Nissan Leaf Concept Photo Gallery

Nissan Leaf Tour

Nissan Leaf Zero Emission Tour

NissanThe official site for Nissan cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers and hybrids –

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  • syra says:

    Nissan estimates a range of 100 miles, but it depends on driving style, traffic conditions, road speed and battery age. In fact, even the ambient temperature plays a determining role in the cruise line, due to extreme temperatures are bad for the battery performance. The EPA gave the blade an energy efficiency rating equivalent of 106 miles per gallon city/92 mpg highway and 99 mpg combined driving range and an estimated 73 miles.

  • james braselton says:

    hi there can not wait for leaf 2 or leaf supper sport the specs saying it is faster the vw beeatle tdi on 0 too 60 mph and zero emissions i want a leaf

  • james braselton says:

    hi there can not wait for leaf 2 or leaf supper sport the specs saying it is faster the vw beeatle tdi on 0 too 60 mph and zero emissions i want a leaf

  • Derek says:

    Nissan has joined GE in a partnership to develop the “smart charging” technology to keep the Leaf, and other EVs, rolling.

    The two companies announced on 4/26/2010 that they have signed a three-year agreement to develop the technology needed to build a robust and reliable charging infrastructure. They will collaborate in two key areas. The first addresses the integration of electric vehicles with homes and buildings. The second concentrates on electric vehicle charging dynamics with the grid.

    Read More

  • Alex Kramer says:

    Very interesting and promising.

    If they could just style it a bit more like the new Ford Fiesta, I’d think about buying it to replace my wife’s aging hatchback.

  • francois says:

    Sign me up!!!! For the consumer car and the race car.

    Racing is smart since it will push the envelope of what is possible with electrics.

    I race RC cars and we have all converted to electrics, surprisingly for performance reasons.


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