Color Arnold’s Hummer Green

Monday December 22nd, 2008 at 2:1212 PM
Posted by: goofshow

By Harmon Leon

At the start of his governor regime, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the poster boy for the moronic gas-guzzling Hummer during a time when fuel-efficiency should have been the mantra. Single-handedly, Schwarzenegger was personally responsible to bringing the Hummer to the U.S. roadways. Arnold spent $100,000 of his money to retool a street-friendly version of the military vehicle that’s mostly driven by douche-bags with small penis syndrome. Arrrrnold launched the brand that is the symbol of green house gas blood-letting.

Jump ahead a few years to the land of $5 per gallon gas, and Arrrrrrrrnold has changed his tune. Sure, he still likes driving his Hummer, but the star of Kindergarten Cop has taken a vastly different green view. On 60 Minutes last night, Arnold has re-launched the Hummer. Modifying the engine, Arnie now has one that runs on hydrogen, while the vehicle runs on bio-fuel; anything natural like vegetable oil. Arrrrrrrnold’s point is that instead of running people out of their big cars, “Keep all the things you like but change the technology so you push the agenda in a positive way!” Critics says that with his have it all philosophy the Governor sees green through rose colored glasses.

Watch a video clip of Arnold’s interview on 60 Minutes after the jump.

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