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On both the exterior and the interior, the G37 looked the part of a sports car. It would be a big disappointment if this car wasn’t a thrill to drive. The G37 delivered to my every expectation on its promised “exhilarating and balanced” performance. Fast, enjoyable and dreamy; the G37 was a little rocket! This car came with an incredible smooth 7-speed automatic transmission. The 328 hp and 269 lb-ft torque V6 engine coupled with the all-wheel drive gave the G37 wings. For a $33,000- $45,000, that’s a lot of muscle. It also includes the VVEL technology system which was designed to increase the car’s performance and response while also improving fuel efficiency and emissions.

The straight line acceleration made me giddy with laughter. It went from 0-60 in about 5.5 seconds! And it didn’t just stop there. Keeping my foot on the accelerator, the speed just kept climbing up, up and up. Power from the muscular V6 just kept pulling and pulling. The engine growls were barely audible in the cabin thanks to the improvements Infiniti has made to the G37 by reducing cabin noise and vibration. After reaching a slightly excessive 95 mph with ease, it was probably a good time to drop the speed back into the normal driving range.

2009 Infiniti G Sedan

The brakes were given larger rotors and brake pads, meaning that it could stop on a dime. Like the hiccup-free accelerator, the braking system was flawless. Within seconds of hitting the brakes, the car came to an immediate stop. At times on the tight and twisty roads, the brakes were almost too effective making the ride a little harsh. But I’m not going to complain about the brakes. They work very well. And in case of an emergency, it’s a relief to know the G37 will stop.

Our G37 came with a 7-speed automatic with down-shift rev matching. A close ratio 6-speed manual (6MT) with short throw shifter is available only with the G37 Sport trim. It seems paddle shifters are being included more often in the luxury car lines. Many people either hate it or love it. As a person who drives a stick-shift on a regular basis, I find the paddles a little dull. But for those who have only ever driven an automatic, it’s a nice feature. There is no clutch involved and shifting is within reach of your fingertips. Switching the transmission to Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) allows for sportier shifts, ultimately providing better driving performance. Its also useful in extreme driving conditions – bad weather or steep roads – as it allows the driver to shift based on perception for better car handling and response. While the G37 is more suited for cruising on the open road, it can still hold its own under the more extreme driving situations. The “manual shift mode” is something between automatic and manual transmission and is a completely optional car function. It gives the driver the choice to be lazy and drive automatic or be playful with a pseudo-manual transmission.

Tilt and telescopic steering wheel Tilt and telescopic steering wheel with lots of controls 7-speed automatic transmission

When the road became playful, the G’s handling was very predictable. Steering was responsive and never twitchy and the car stayed centered on the road. While the G37 was happiest cruising along the open roads, it was also quite fun on the tight and twisty roads in the San Francisco Bay Area. With its wide wheel base and independent design shocks, it went through the corners for a very controlled drive. It never felt like it was going to tip or slide-off the road

Fuel Economy

Advertised: 18 in the city, and 26 free-way (or 21 combined).
Actual: 20.1 mpg (pretty close to the advertised values). It went down to 19.0 mpg when I was purposefully trying to get poor MPG by driving with a heavy foot, kicking the accelerator and launching the G37 like Melanie Troxel at all the traffic signals. It’s not the most fuel efficient car, but it’s always nice when the advertised values reflect the real-life values.


I absolutely loved this car. All its parts were top quality – no cheap plastic in this car. The stylish exterior lines coupled with the comfortable interior and cool features made the G37 a blast to drive. I was the envy of all my friends cruising around in the car. The engine was powerful and the car handled everything I could throw at it without wincing. For the upscale midsize sports sedan car class, this was a standout car. It’s always compared to the BMW 3 series – the benchmark in its class. Where other car companies have failed, the Infiniti team has definitely stepped-up with the G37 and it gives the BMW folks some great competition. Take the G37 out for a test-drive and prepare to be impressed.

HID bi-functional Xenon headlights


After 5 days with the G37, it was a difficult to vehicle part with. I still dream about its incredible handling, smooth power delivery, and an interior that makes the European luxury carmakers lose sleep at night. And then I recall the giddy laughter I had when I felt the G37′s pure power and accelerations. I felt so special driving this car. It was quiet, efficient and with the V6 engine, it had the punch for those necessary (and un-necessary) accelerations. The G37 begs you to go out and drive.

Build Interior Performance Handling Styling Value Overall
Rating 5.0 5.0 5.0 4.25 5.0 4.5 4.5/A-

Infiniti G Photo Gallery

Infiniti G Specs

Infiniti G Sedan Specs

Infiniti USAThe official website of Infiniti – www.infinitiusa.com

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