2007 Tokyo Auto Show Preview: Mitsubishi Concept-ZT

Monday October 22nd, 2007 at 11:1010 AM
Posted by: Derek

Mitsubishi Concept-ZT

TOKYO — One look at Mitsubishi’s unimaginative Concept-ZT should convince any doubters that this Japanese automaker just doesn’t design great sedans. Under the skin, it’s a different story.

The Concept-ZT is slightly larger than the Galant, but its bland styling hardly justifies its positioning by Mitsubishi as a “premier sedan.” Of considerable interest to techies, however, is the car’s aluminum space-frame construction and use of high-strength recyclable plastic for the hood, fenders, doors and deck lid. The Concept-ZT also employs “green” plastic throughout the cabin, which — fortunately — is also trimmed in wood, metal and leather.

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Mitsubishi Concept-ZT
Photo courtesy of Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America

One Response to 2007 Tokyo Auto Show Preview: Mitsubishi Concept-ZT

  1. The front is too much like a 7-Series BMW.. The light on the backside is same as Hyundai Sonata.. just the white rectangular part is on top and not bottom… If they are going to copy designs they should atleast change it a little bit. Its basically a 7-series and a Sonata mish-mash. Well the front and the back.

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