The stunning and surprising Jaguar XF

Thursday November 20th, 2008 at 11:1111 PM
Posted by: Francois

My next driving assignment was the Jaguar XF. As excited as I was with the Jaguar XK-R, I was less than enthusiastic about this one. “It doesn’t look like a Jaguar.” I whined.

I was guilty of prejudice and expected to bored and underwhelmed by this car. But, like some turnaround plots, I got in the car and was changed. I changed my mind about this car. I changed my mind about Jaguar and the Brits. I expected Jaguar to sell cars with styling, legacy and tradition. But what I got was a car that was one of the most tech savy, most well integrated and balanced cars I’ve driven in a while.

Color me impressed. The interior bathes you in a warm blue glow and with motorized, moving everything. It is gimmicky but it really works. The shift knob is a little dial that floats up on command. Where’s the gear changing stick you say. Well, that is a remnant of the old world. Electronic transmissions don’t need a big mechanical stick to function. Drivers might want it like a security blanket. But it really is not an elegant and ergonomic solution to the problem.

The rest of my experience is like a dream. This car drives like the perfect daily driver. And the B&W sound system is one of the best I have ever witnessed in a car.

Read on to our very own Gary Chan’s review and discover what this car is all about.
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And hear James May of Top Gear rave about the XF and see the car in it’s glory.

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