McLaren F1 Goes For £2,530,000 At London Auction

Thursday November 6th, 2008 at 2:1111 PM
Posted by: tonyb

McLaren F1ee-YOW! That’s a LOT of money, even for one of these!

What’s  £2,530,000 in American dollars? Let me just check the markets … (23 minutes & 48 seconds pass as your humble writer is rendered catatonic by the state of the world’s financial system) … OK,  £2,530,000 is a LOT of money.

Anyway, that IS a very impressive price for a very impressive car.

When they first came out, the McLaren F1 was listing for around 1 million dollars, and there were very few people who would say that the three seat, all carbon fiber V-12 monster wasn’t worth every last penny. Gordon Murray, the F1′s chief designer, and legendary race car builder really hit this one out of the park. The zero-to-sixty times and skid pad figures were amazing, but the top speed of 242 miles per hour was just staggering. As I recall, the current “fastest production car in the world” at the time did a tick or two aver 200 MPH, so to raise the bar by over 20% in one jump just floored everyone.

I also recall a road test of the car conducted by Road & Track magazine. The driver was none other than Mario Andretti. Overall, he was impressed by the car, but he described the aerodynamics and handling above 220 as “spooky”.

The last time I heard Mario use that phrase, he was driving a CanAm car as a young man back in the 60s, and the look on his face and ashen complexion told you all you needed to know.

God only knows what a McLaren F1 flat out must be like.

Well, God, Mario, and the new owner of this car (if he’s brave enough to go there).

There’s the full RM press release after the jump.


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