It's a Gold Rush for New Car Buyers

Friday June 26th, 2009 at 8:66 AM
Posted by: m35man

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In case you didn’t know it, this is a fantastic time to purchase a new vehicle. With programs like “Cash for Guzzlers” kicking in, you can get a super deal for your old beater, and financing deals have never been better. The government will give you a rebate if you buy certain hybrids and will take the car back if you can’t make payments, in some cases.

I never imagined that I would be so inundated by car salesmen once I announced to the world that I was in the market for a new vehicle. It’s been an avalanche of phone calls, e-mails, postcards –literally hundreds of them—all offering unprecedented deals. I feel like a high school football star being recruited by all the top colleges!

With car dealerships closing at an alarming rate, and government bailout money flying around like confetti, this is THE time to purchase a car, because car dealers are hungry for CASH right now.

The deals that I am hearing are literally unfathomable. I don’t think I’m going to truly believe these prices until the day I decide on what car I want to buy and sign on the dotted line. I keep thinking I’m in a car buyers’ fantasy land and that I’ll eventually wake up to find out it was all just a dream.

But it’s all true. Huge rebates. 72-months zero percent financing. As much as 30% off sticker. Tax breaks. Every dealer I am talking to is falling over itself trying to capture my business. In the end, I am going to get an incredible deal and the possibility of saving a lot of money obviously really appeals to me, especially now.

I am currently considering five nameplates: Nissan, VW, Chevy, Ford and Mazda, because they seem to be the ones that are most willing to wheel and deal. Some of the other car dealers, like Honda, Subaru or any of your luxury brands, are seemingly not willing to slash prices big-time. They’re holding steady on pricing hoping that their quality of product and service will get them through this economic storm.

I can’t wait for the bidding to begin, because in this case, competition IS very healthy—for me. It’s a Gold Rush for new car buyers and I’ve got my pan and shovel and I’m mining for the best deal I can find!

4 Responses to It's a Gold Rush for New Car Buyers

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  3. Buy WoW Gold says:

    Nice thoughts.
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  4. m35man says:

    Just so you know. I ended up getting an ’09 Mazda3. Great car at a great price!

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