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Tuesday December 9th, 2008 at 12:1212 PM
Posted by: tonyb

prius hybridFinally!

Look, I think of myself as a pretty eco-aware, green guy. I was born & raised in a part of the world that invented gorp and REI and looks like something from Lord of The Rings. I got no problem with saving the environment from our own greed and stupidity.

I’m also, ironically, a car guy. I got no problem with things like the Prius and the Tesla (especially the Tesla), but jumpin’ Jerry on a pogo stick, if I see one more “green alternative” car that’s little more than a golf cart with pretensions, that can’t do more than 40 MPH or drive across town without needing a charge, I’ll have to start drinking. More.

And what happens with green cars when their owners start futzing with them? They become less fun, rather than more fun.

Here is my axiom, here is the best advise I can give to those who want greener cars: Make them as Fun as possible.

Thankfully, someone else is thinking along those lines already.

Enter Paul Goldman, the 46-year-old CEO of the hot-rod hybrid shop Juiced Hybrid. He runs a shop in the middle of silicon valley that handles all sorts of fun modifications for cars like the aforementioned Prius and others. All of the “normal” stuff you would expect like body kits and chassis parts are there, along with things like electronic control modules and other doo-dads.

Although green, Goldman gets the old time hot rod vibe, “We have this emotional response to automobiles. We can even get a better experience with a hybrid because you’re helping the environment and you can have some fun with it too.”

Ah, hope …

Source: Autopia

2 Responses to Hot Rodded Hybrids

  1. Tony says:

    Yeah, pretty cool huh?

    Now all we need is for, was it Honda or Toyota(?), that was going to make a hybrid sportscar.

    More fun. Less gas. Cleaner environment.

    What’s not to like?

  2. Derek says:

    Hot damn! I’m going to visit their shop this week since they are only a couple miles away from our offices in Redwood City. I am tired of running in the not-so-fast lane and being muscled over by the big European sedans and modified compact imports who like to pick on the Prius’

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