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According to Malaysian auto guy Paul Tan, GM has decided against production of the right hand drive version of its highly anticipated new Camaro. (Yes, here at Car Review, we literally go to the ends of the Earth to get you news.) First, this isn’t all that surprising, given the financial straights that GM is currently in. making an RHD version of a car is not that simple. Lots of things like wiring looms, hydraulic lines and the like have to be re-routed, if not wholly re-designed and that makes the cost go WAY up. Just ask the British. And another thing to note: Why do you think the instrument cluster is centrally located in cars like the Mini Cooper and the Scion xB? Because that way, all you have to swap in the steering column, and you can make either a U.S. or a Japanese version much easier.

The other thing about GM ditching the RHD Camaro is: Really?! Was GM really going export Camaros to RHD markets? That’s strangely fascinating. It seems like a whole lot of work to be able to sell that kind of car in England, India, Japan and Malaysia (who else is RHD out there? You ever notice that those who are, used to be part of the British Empire?).

As Paul Tan himself put it, “If you’ve got loads of cash and really want to drive a Chevrolet Camaro in Malaysia with the help of your friendly neighborhood parallel importer, you’ll have to sit on the left side of the car … “I bet.

Of course this does bring up the interesting possibility that there are gearheads out there in the jungles of Malaysia that are really into American pony cars, and doesn’t THAT sound like a interesting car club?

Source: Paul Tan

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  • Christopher says:

    OMG! We love Camaro..
    i heard that this car is cheap in US, will it be costly if really landing on M’sia??

  • sarah says:

    wow, tonyb, seems like u have a chip on ur shoulder about malaysia. ps. south africa is also RHD, and if uv never been here before, then u wouldnt know that every second car u see on the streets here are a pick between a merc, beamer, and rover…my point: we’ve got the money to buy ur camaro, so dont put it in a class of its own.

  • JD says:


  • Jason says:

    Australia is RHD, and they are a fairly large population…it may be worth the investment.

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