Get your H2 out of the garage, sub $2 gas is here again!

Tuesday October 28th, 2008 at 10:1010 AM
Posted by: Kurt Gensheimer

By Kurt Gensheimer

Hummer H2

I got a call this morning from my fellow 24 Hours of LeMons teammate, Timmy C, that gasoline has dropped below $2 per gallon. He thought that day would never come, and thought I was nuts when I proclaimed a year ago that it would, but guess what folks? Sometimes crazy people can be right. According to Corpus Christi, Texas has been flirting right around the $2 mark, with a few stints this morning below $2. It marks and incomprehensible collapse of the petroleum market since reaching a national high of $4.11 only three months ago.

Although this is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise financial Pearl Harbor, we hope that historically impulse-oriented, short-sighted Americans will continue to purchase fuel-efficient vehicles instead of falling back on those oversized, overstuffed two-and-a-half ton behemoths. We’re skeptically optimistic. But at least for now, enjoy the discount, and instead of continuing to stockpile Ramen noodles, go dust off that over-leveraged H2 and treat yourself to night out at Carl’s Jr!

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