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Featured Review: 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid

by Louella M. Harty

Price Paid: $28000.00 from Schaumburg Honda
Review Date:
July 4, 2009
Overall Rating:
4 of 5
Value Rating:
4 of 5
Used product for:
Less than 1 month

I just purchased a Honda Civic Hybrid. I have been a previous owner of a Toyota Camry Hybrid for two years prior to this car. I have learned that there is a break-in period for a hybrid. I experienced this on the Toyota. Sometimes it takes six months before a hybrid optimizes its gas mileage. I am presently averaging 40.4 mpg with the Honda Civic Hybrid. To optimize mileage, you need to learn how to glide often. It takes practice. If you drive it like a gas engine car with heavy acceleration, you will not get good mileage.

I like the tighter suspension of the Civic and the tighter steering – driveability very good. It can come fully equipped which is what I opted for.

The negatives are manual adjusting seats, no rear-view mirror dimming feature, no automatic garage door opener, manual lights (don’t forget to turn them on and off). The dash board is great and this car really likes to glide. As a previous luxury car owner,

I have decided to go green in the last few years and do my part to clean up the environment that we have made a mess of. The dealer thought that I might get close to 50 mpg given the way I drive. It is all over the internet about the break-in period of a hybrid. They just begin to cruise at around six months of driving. So be patient. This is coming from an experienced hybrid owner. This is my second hybrid. I don’t have all the luxury that I had with the Toyota Camry Hybrid ( I had every option available); however, I now have a satellite radio, the car’s suspension is not as floaty, it drives better, and I have a little bigger trunk. I opted to get even better gas mileage.

The view of the road in this car also is exceptional which is important. My side view mirrors have defrosters and fold in also which I like.

They have definitely maximized the space in the interior so I actually don’t feel like I have given up any room when I am seated inside.

There is a certain way in which you have to drive a hybrid to optimize mileage and there is definitely a break-in period. I have gotten up to 52 mpg with my Camry. Also, hybrids do not like humidity and do not get as good a gas mileage in times of high humidity. Spring and fall, when temperatures are not as extreme are times when the hybrid shines. It is very different from a gas engine. My air conditioner in my car works very well and takes the humidity out of the interior of my car. In fact, I have to tone it down even in hot, high humidity weather; so, if you are having trouble keeping humidity down, there could be a problem.

I have previously driven German luxury cars; and, while this is not a luxury car, I do not feel like I am suffering, except for less electronics which I willingly trade for the stupendous gas mileage if you are willing to work with a hybrid.

Driveability, gas mileage, blue-tooth capability, satellite radio, great dashboard, heated seats, roomy interior, better trunk space

Electronics, no sun roof, brakes (used to German engineered brakes),storage slightly slight, no automatic lights (have to remember to turn lights on and off)

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