Big 3 says, "Show Me the $$!" Do Americans Approve?

Monday December 29th, 2008 at 6:1212 AM
Posted by: m35man

bucketA lot of people have been asking the same question: Why should the American people be responsible for bailing out the Big 3? They’ve made all the classic mistakes. First, they failed to change their strategy and haven’t acted quickly enough to the changing marketplace and world economy. Second, they built too many dealerships. And third, they weren’t proactive in designing and manufacturing alternative fuel vehicles.

From what I’m hearing, American taxpayers who were polled approve of loaning money to the Big 3, but after that, they’re on their own. People are willing to help them out, but the assistance will be limited and will have to be paid back within a reasonable time frame. People don’t trust carmakers as a rule and don’t believe the loan will ever be paid back.

Will the Big 3 give consumers a break in return, once they’re back on their feet? Only time will tell.

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