2008 BMW X3 Review – So German, It Hurts

BMW Expert Reviews

By John G. Up: Solid, Germanic look and feel. You’re definitely driving a BMW Sticks to the road like…something very sticky Strong engine Well-appointed interior Down: Harsh ride Laggy automatic transmission Nav system clunky, outdated Expensive Sideways Feels like a much larger vehicle than it is

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2009 Acura RL First Impressions: Year 12 of the Identity Crisis

Acura Expert Reviews

Acura RL Consumer Reviews Acura RL More Expert Reviews 2009 Acura RL Photo Gallery 2009 Acura RL Specs By John G. Up: Perfectly tuned suspension, excellent road feel. SH-AWD really works Comfortable yet firmly supportive seats, great driving ergonomics A luxury car for people that understand performance isn’t just how fast you can leave a […]

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2008 Lexus GS 450h Review – Hybrid Power Without Compromise

Expert Reviews hybrid Lexus

Ever since the Honda Insight set the still-unmatched standard, hybrids have been designed primarily to maximize fuel economy. Lexus has taken a bold new approach — build hybrids that sacrifice nothing in performance and luxury to their flagship models – and has succeeded.

The key to understanding the GS is this: despite what Lexus’ marketing department tells you, the GS 450h Hybrid is a Grand Touring car at heart, not a sports car. It wants to spend all day swooping through long, stately curves at speeds far exceeding the legal limit, and it does so with grace and aplomb. Asking it to carve twisty, narrow canyon roads is like cutting carrots with a wood saw: it works better than you’d think, but it’s the wrong tool for the job.

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2008 Acura RDX Review – The Ballad of Mr. Sensible vs. That Guy

Acura Expert Reviews

Somehow Acura has managed to build a little crossover SUV that tempts you to do the same. Taut handling, quick steering, and supportive seats with big side bolsters mean you can get away with the sort of maneuvers typically reserved for mirrorshade-wearing midlife crises in a 911 Cabriolet, or teenage sons of Silicon Valley executives with $15K of tuner parts bolted to their Eclipse. In short, while the RDX is a sensible vehicle with decent gas mileage and lots of cargo space, it’s also a hoot to drive, and will sorely tempt you to hit the paddle shifters, floor it, and become That Guy.

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2007 Lexus ES 350 Review – Please, No More Camry Comparisons

Expert Reviews Lexus

Lexus has come a long way from their humble beginnings as rebadged Camrys with leather interior and gold trim, firmly establishing themselves as legitimate competition for the classic German marques. If, like most of us, you’ve spent most of your time driving sub-$35K sedans or SUVs, you’ll find driving the fifth-generation ES350 to be a subtle yet pleasant surprise.

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2007 Toyota Tacoma Review

Expert Reviews Toyota

Seeing the current crop of “small” import pickups is like going to your high-school reunion and finding out that the chess club took up bodybuilding. What used to be cute little pickups are now big-ass trucks, with cargo space and (sadly) turning circles to match.

However, Toyota has done an excellent job of hiding the fact that you are driving a big-ass truck. The disturbingly carlike interior, strong engine, and humane ergonomics let you forget about truckness for minutes at a time, and unless you get the double cab and a longbed, it isn’t so large that you can’t park it. Toyota has an excellent reputation for quality and longevity, and the fit and finish of the Tacoma suggest that it will be no different.

Translated: it’s a big-ass truck your wife won’t refuse to drive.

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