ABT Tuning House Has A Go At The New VW Polo

Tuesday September 22nd, 2009 at 7:99 AM
Posted by: tonyb

If the rumors hold true, and Volkswagen does indeed bring their Polo here to the U.S. just what sort of car will we get? More importantly, just what sort of car could we make it into (I’m looking at you, Euro tuners)? The Polo is a small-ish hatchback that’s is below the current Golf, size-wise (or about where the Golf was one or two generations ago).

That’s a good place to start, because smaller usually means better performance. And even better, the Polo is not new, just new to these shores. It’s been around Europe for quite some time, so what happens if a respected Euro-tuner, let’s say ABT, the guys that do heavy mods to Audis as well as race them in the DTM series, were to get their hands on the current gen Polo?

Turns out that ABT is way ahead of us, and has already been working over the Polo. They’ve just launched a new tuning program that adds a power kit to the little VW that will boost the output of the base version of the 1.6-liter TDI turbo diesel from 75HP to 90HP, the 90HP version to 110HP and the 105HP variant of the same unit, to 130HP. For the 1.2-liter TSI gasoline engine, ABT’s program lifts output from 105HP to 130HP.

Wait, did they say diesel? Hmmm, that makes you think doesn’t it? Suppose that VW not only brings the Polo over here, but also the diesel version. Ordering some bits and pieces from ABT via the interwebs could give you a fun and very economical car to drive around, now couldn’t it? Clean too, because ABT says that although they’ve massaged the engines, the fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures are the same as the stock engines.

Naturally ABT has worked on the chassis as well, giving it a new set of springs that drops ride height a few millimeters and there’s also a subtle aero kit that includes a carbon fiber roof spoiler and rear apron that houses twin tailpipes along with a set of 18-inch titanium colored alloy wheels and special decals available.

Source: CarScoop

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