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2010 Suzuki SX4 Crossover

Quite forgettable. Styling has never been a forté for Japanese car companies, especially for Suzuki, the new Kizashi concept notwithstanding. There is a reason why almost all the promotional photos and shots on TV spots all show the car from behind. The tail view of the SX4 is the best angle on this car. The front end is… yaaaaaaaaawwwwwn …excuse me, boring. Like Brad Pitt told Matt Damon in Ocean’s Eleven about posing as a Nevada Gaming Commission inspector, “be specific but not memorable…he’s gotta like you then forget you the moment you’ve left his sight…;” the SX4′s styling does a great job at being forgettable.

The front overhang is way too long and makes the car look like the SX4 is sticking its neck out. The window between the A pillar and the front doorframe definitely improves visibility, but complicates the lines. The rear end on the SX4 is the best part styling wise, but even that’s extremely unremarkable. This car is not Suzuki’s best design work.

2010 Suzuki SX4 Crossover
Starting at $16,849, the SX4 feels a bit pricey, but it does have a well-equipped interior and more horsepower than a Honda Fit or Nissan Versa. Standard features included in the SX4, which are not available on either the Fit or Versa, are automatic climate control, rear disc brakes, and traction control.

On the flip-side the styling is unremarkable, the quality and material of the interior is less-than-great, and the lacking performance all make this a poor proposition. You don’t even get a whole lot of interior room for the $17k. Other subcompacts that offer you much more, such as the MINI Cooper, the Nissan Cube, the Scion xB, the Honda Fit, the upcoming Ford Fiesta, for example, all of whom beat out the SX4 on one or more of these attributes.

I would take a pass on the Suzuki SX4, or as my wife calls it, the Suzuki SuX4me. I was definitely less than impressed by its power, styling, utility and MPG. There are many more options for a subcompact these days, and Suzuki has not delivered a winner here. If you think I am wrong, tell me why and point out the true value of a Suzuki. I’m open to suggestions.

Build Interior Performance Handling Styling Value Overall
Rating 4.0 3.5 2.0 3.75 2.0 3.5 3.1/C-

Suzuki SX4 Photo Gallery

Suzuki Specs

Suzuki SX4 Specs

Suzuki AutoOfficial website for Suzuki cars, trucks and crossovers – www.suzukiauto.com

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  • Richard W. says:

    I’m on my way to buy one tonight. its a 2010 and i must say i’m a little confussed, so I’ll have to review it myself and let you know. However is the reasale value good?? anybody?


  • what says:

    berrichondanny, sorry you have absolutely no clue what you are talkin about, the suzuki sx4 ratings and reviews are all pretty decent, and when they do have some issues about it, they actually know how to explain the issue, you didnt point out anything true about the vehicle. i agree this was very biased and you should just never ever right a car review ever again.

  • Derek says:

    Long overdue, but a counterpoint to Danny’s review has been published.


  • Bob in PA says:

    I do not own a SX4 but did my ‘researched’ as I am car shopping. As a car guy (yes, I drive a Miata) feel compelled to comment that this author is an idiot and don’t know a thing about cars…
    Or read or watch just any ‘other’ reivew of the SX4

    “…as my wife calls it, the Suzuki SuX4me…” Statements like this add no value to this so called review and show your bias.

    Btw, below is what I consider and unbias review and comparison and something you can learn from. Honestly, I fully expected the Fit to win..

    In summary, please stick to writing your ‘Opinion’ articles.

  • jorge husada says:

    This journalistic review is total garbage. Poorly written, biased, and clearly from a guy who probably reads his Facebook more than actual car specs….very poor. This guy must drive German cars to be so hard on the SX4 – most reviews are positive and my 2 test drives left me impressed….terrible article written bu a guy lying in bed most likely.

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