2010 Chevrolet Camaro vs. 2010 Ford Mustang – Which one does retro better?

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2010 Chevrolet Camaro RS

From a performance standpoint, you’ve heard it all before. I had a 3560 pound Mustang with the V8 and 5-speed manual. The Camaro was 3800 pounds with a V6 and an automatic. Talk about apples to oranges!

So let’s talk about aural performance. The Camaro had a strong V6, but what happened to the sound? What sound? It had been castrated! It was almost completely silent. It didn’t sound any more aggressive than mom’s minivan. What a let-down! Maybe this was done on purpose. Maybe the demographic for a V6 Camaro driver also dictated they are not interested in muscle car sounds either. In the interest of fairness, I went to my local dealership and drove an SS/6-speed model and figured I’d get some throaty V8 sounds from that, but alas, I was disappointed in the SS too. It had a little more aggressive sound than the V6 Camaro, but it was still very muted and distant. And that SS clutch friction point is on/off and difficult to modulate.

2010 Ford Mustang GT

Maybe my disappointment in the Camaro’s sound was because the Mustang’s induction system made such glorious, visceral, intoxicating sounds; unlike anything I have heard before. It puts everything else to shame. Seriously, I could not keep my foot from burying the gas pedal. The engine sounds could melt the mettle of any muscle-car fan and resulted in an ear-to-ear grin with a resounding “Hell yeah!”. It was just so rewarding to drive hard. And it’s all about the intake sound. The exhaust sound is alright, but Ford has realized that for the driver, the holy grail of satisfying engine sounds comes from the intake more so than the exhaust. BMW figured that out a while ago. GM doesn’t have a clue yet – at least their Camaro team.

Handling comparisons between the test sample vehicles was also apples to oranges. The Camaro came with the RS package with 20-inch wheels and 245/45’s up front and 275/40’s in the rear. It proved to be a very confident handler even with its 3800 pound weight. The Mustang is lighter, but it’s measly 235/50/18 wheels and tires all around were no match for the lighter, yet still heavy 3560 lb curb weight. This smallish wheel/tire package made it a real handful around twisty, bumpy corners. It’s scary to drive fast on the back- roads and the V8 makes you want to drive fast everywhere.

2010 Ford Mustang vs. Chevrolet Camaro

The Camaro is worth the price of entry based on its gorgeous looks alone. From a visual standpoint, it definitely brings back the beauty and emotion of the originals. It’s a great freeway cruiser and it has the handling for the back-roads, but the steering wheel will keep me from buying one. That and I get a feeling of riding in the car, isolated from the engine and road – not so much driving it – even from the driver’s seat.

The Mustang isn’t as hot looking, but it’s definitely rewarding to drive – in a straight line. Just do something about the wheels/tires and suspension if you want to make it a canyon carver. But that will cost you considerably.


  • Exterior design: Camaro
  • Interior design: Mustang
  • Ergonomics: Mustang
  • Engine sounds: Mustang
  • Attention getting: Camaro

If your knees go weak at the sight of a late 60’s Camaro or Mustang, but you don’t have the endless resources for care and feeding of such a car, you owe it to yourself to drive one of these. Or even better, drive both… you’ll find things to love about each. The tough part is narrowing it down to one.

2010 Ford Mustang vs. Chevrolet Camaro

I have always been a Camaro fan, at least until I drove a Mustang. If I could get the ergonomics and aural performance of the Mustang into the sexy Camaro body, I’d get the Camaro. If I could get the handling and perforated seat leather from the Camaro into the Mustang, I might buy that too. I’m no longer a fan of one car over the other. I’ll take one of each. Maybe I can get custom leather put into my mustang GT.

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  • Peter Anastopulos says:

    In a World where every car is Grey ,White or Silver this Repulsive Grabber Blue sent me to Italy .Back in the Sixty’s and 70′s Fiat,Alfa and Lancia all used this shade of blue.In the early 70′s Ford used it on Mustangs,Mavericks,Pintos,Torino’s and Courier Trucks.I do love but weather I could live with it not so sure.While I found the dark blue Camaro a little safe.You don’t drive either of these cars if your bland.I take task writers who believe these cars are just for cavemen.I believe so many of the German sports take directly from American cars of the 60′s and 70′s especially BMW .When I look at the 3 series I often see the Mustang2 in it’s DNA and GM muscle.It’s time we took this segment back and as these cars evolve they very well could.

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