2009 Volkswagen CC Review

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2009 Volkswagen CC
By Francis Cebedo


  • The 2.0 model is an incredible value
  • Styling is simply stunning
  • The power and economy combination of the 2.0 is excellent
  • Interior materials and craftsmanship is first rate
  • Optional alloy wheel design complements the car very well
  • Leather seats are superb
  • This car is really comparable to cars that cost $10k more
  • You get a lot of looks and inquiries at the parking lot


  • Only two rear seats in the rear for a car this size sacrifices space efficiency
  • Moonroof does not slide back
  • Rear door has a very sharp edge and can get caught upon upon opening
  • Owner’s manual is lacking details
  • Bluetooth and iPod compatibility needs to be standard on a car of this caliber
  • The 2.0 Sport model is the better car but the option upgrades are limited
  • You get a lot of looks and inquiries at the parking lot :^)
  • There is a big blind spot with the rear quarter panel so backing up is a chore
  • This car deserves to have the TDI engine option available

The biggest statement this car makes is with the styling. It sits low and wide and has lines similar to the Mercedes CLS. Yet it seems more refined without the elegant but odd rear curve of the CLS. The artistry continues into the interior. The two-tone interior is absolutely fabulous and leather is a very tempting option with the ‘piped’ leather seats. The rear is remarkably roomy and the passengers are treated to wonderful seat cavities. This comes at the price of the fifth seat though as it is sacrificed for the other two seats and storage boxes.

Is this new, unbadged car from VW all style over substance? Let’s take it for a spin and find out.

2009 Volkswagen CC

Driving Impressions

The performance of the V6 model is very good as the 280 hp pulls the car around like a V8. And it is a Volkswagen, so handling is taut and composed. It drives like a great touring car and miles go by blissfully. But it’s not a nimble sports car by any means so throw this around some fast corners and it will lean and squeal a bit.

The 2.0 Turbo is quite an impressive machine, pulling this car with under 7 second 0-60 times. And the bonus really is in the efficiency as driving in hypermiler mode will get you over 30 mpg in this aerodynamic machine.

The engine has a very nice burble to it and under hard acceleration,  a rewarding snarl emanates from under the hood.  The acceleration is rapid as one is pressed onto the comfortable, glove like seats. Though not as tossable as its lighter siblings like the Golf and Jetta, it certainly handles better than the Passat, exhibiting more predictable cornering and less body roll.

The steeply raked windshield is a bit different from standard driving positions. But front visibility is excellent despite the lower than normal sedan stance.  The rear visibility is decent with the rear quarter corner covered a bit by the wide rear pillar.

2009 Volkswagen CC


The upgraded interior holds it’s own as well against any European sedan. It really feels like a $50-$70k car inside. The leather has the quality of an expensive designer handbag. The sound system is balanced and refined as well. The only real knock is the the ultra-wide moonroof does not slide back.

VW CC - interior VW CC 6-speed automatic with Tiptronic 3-spoke leather wrapped multi-function steering wheel


The exterior and interior of this car is really what is going to sell it. What was lacking with the VW Passat and the VW line for that matter is overflowing with this model. The stance is low and wide and the lines are polished.

The rear of this car has a a nice flow to it with an integrated rear spoiler. The rear lights have an elegant shape to them and blend smoothly to the side panels. The lines to the sides and front are streamlined and uninterrupted. The front has a nice fascia with an integrated front spoiler.  The car is so sleek that VW decided to skip the badging that might interrupt the car’s smooth lines.  Bystanders will gawk and stare and might approach you with the occasional, “What kind of car is that???”

18 inch aluminum alloy Interlagos wheels

And we have to comment on the wheels of our test car. The auto world is filled with variations of the tired ’5-star’ rims and we wonder how many more variations we can stomach. Well the CC has these ‘jet blade’ styled wheels and our verdict is unanimous. They are stunning. We haven’t seen these before and they absolutely stand out and at the same time complement the smooth lines of the CC.

Word of caution when using the rear doors: watch out for the pointy-tip. Someone could get hurt. Rear passengers not familiar with getting in and out of the CC should also be careful not to ding the car parked next to you.

VW CC rear door edge


The CC Sport is a great value at $27,100. It reaches down to the levels of Accords and Camrys offering a great design and good build. The VR6 Sport at $38,300 is pricey but it reaches up the luxury of $50k cars.

Who Should Buy It?

Well, Camry and Accord buyers should buy it since the price is comparable and this is a better car. Driving should exude style and performance, not just A to B transportation boxes. Audi, BMW and Lexus buyers should buy it too since this is a comparable and attractive car at $10k less. And finally, Mercedes CLS buyers, who lost a lot of their portfolio value, should consider this since this is a worthy and sensible car.

2009 Volkswagen CC

Build Interior Performance Handling Styling Value Overall
Rating 4.5 5.0 4.5 4.5 5.0 5.0 4.75/A-

Volkswagen CC Photo Gallery

Volkswagen CC Specs

Volkswagen CC VR6 Sport Specs

VW of AmericaOfficial website for Volkswagen of America – www.vw.com

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