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Interior Comfort and Ergonomics

2008 Infiniti G37 - center stackThe instrument panel is very intuitive and well laid out. Every control is fairly close to the driver and easy to access. The centrally mounted screen gives information such as cabin temperature, map info on navigation equipped vehicles, audio settings, and maintenance information. Navigation through the menus and settings is executed by a control knob that is mounted near the screen at an angle much like that in the Infiniti M class. I find the Infiniti Controller much easier to use than BMW’s iDrive or even Audi’s MMI systems and it’s fairly intuitive even if it has its own annoyances such as disabling many features while you’re driving and having to hit Agree to get past the legalese before you can use the screen every time you drive.

The overall driving position is perfect and easy to obtain using the 8-way power driver’s seat with adjustable lumbar support. I felt a lot lower in the car in the G37 than I do in my G35, but that’s to be expected given that this is a coupe while the G35 is a sedan. One of my favorite features is the rear backup camera (standard with the Nav-package in the 2008 models). Not only does it give you a clear view of the rear of the car when you reverse, but it also draws color coded lines to show you how close you are to the object behind you. Additionally, those lines curve in the appropriate direction of travel as you turn the steering wheel. Parallel parking is a cinch.

The Infiniti Studio on Wheels by Bose sound system that comes with the Premium package is fantastic and superior to BMW’s Logic 7 system in my opinion. It provides rich, high quality sound and excellent bass response. XM satellite radio and iPod integration are both standard with this system (both options on BMW’s 3 series). If you order the Navigation Package, the sound system also gets an internal 9GB hard drive. Speaking of the navigation system, it is one of the best factory installed navigation systems on the market. The display map has a bird’s eye view option that has become popular on recent external navigation systems, and numerous other very useful features. I can say that after using Infiniti’s Navigation System for the last few months in my ’07 G35x, I am extremely pleased with how well it works. The XM NavTraffic® providing real-time traffic information is not all that good in my experience. It has rarely saved me from traffic jams and usually gives outdated information. The service is free for the first 3 months though, so it’s worth a try before you decide whether you want to keep it and pay XM the subscription to continue with it.

2008 Infiniti G37

I really love the look of the previous generation Infiniti G coupe – the G35 coupe, and while I was very excited about the initial concept car that Infiniti showed for the coupe’s replacement, I was less impressed with the final product in pictures. However, the pictures really don’t do this car justice. In person, this car is a beautiful sports coupe with curvy lines and a very modern look. The look shows a definitely familial relationship with the G35 sedan, but is far sexier. The coupe is a little wider and it looks aggressive. The G37 that I test drove was black, which I think is a great color for this car, but I’ve also seen one in pearl white and thought that was a great choice too.


As you can tell from my review, I really like the G37 and would love to have one in my garage. But how does this all add up from a value perspective? The G37 starts at $34,250 with a well spec’d out model priced at around $40k. A fully optioned G37 will cost $44,665. That includes the Technology package, the Navigation package, the Premium package, active rear steering (a $1300 option), and a rear spoiler. Given the performance of this car, and comparable German cars, the closest of which is the BMW 335i, this car is priced very competitively. A comparably equipped BMW 335i coupe would cost $54,170 which is a good $10k more. I haven’t driven a BMW 335i, but I can tell you that the G37 easily outshines the BMW 330i in my view, and while most publications that have compared the 335i to the G37 have said that they prefer the 335i if price is not an issue, price is an issue in the real world, and it’s very hard to imagine that the BMW 335i is worth $10k more than the G37. BMW’s have excellent resale value, but the G35 coupe has also had fantastic resale value in the last few years, and has been more reliable than BMW’s 3 series according to Consumer Reports. Time will tell if the G37 will also hold on to its value as well as it’s forbear did.

2008 Infiniti G37

In conclusion, the G37 is a very well executed sports coupe from Infiniti that is a pleasure to drive both as a daily driver and as a true sports car. It is an excellent value and promises to be a significant player in the luxury sports coupe market. If you don’t absolutely need a coupe though, consider the G35 sedan, which can be had for around $5k less with similar options (excluding the more powerful and refined 330hp engine). Dealers are also much more likely to negotiate on sedans right now than they are on the coupes, which are in high demand (as are BMW 3 series coupes), so expect to pay close to full retail price.
















Who Should Buy It?

Anyone looking for a luxury sports coupe who considers themselves a fan of sportier cars that handle well should include the G37 coupe on their short list. Folks who have occasional back seat passengers other than kids or house elves should look elsewhere (the BMW coupe has more rear seat room).

Infiniti of Chantilly

Infiniti of ChantillyDemo car generously provided by Ken Smith, George Khalil and the team of professionals at Infiniti of Chantilly located in Chantilly, VA

2008 Infiniti G37 overview

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  • mark says:

    Infiniti has remodeled the G Coupe’s interior, tweaked the chassis, and enhanced the styling. And, lest we forget, it dropped a new V-6 underhood with 37 more horsepower. Bigger and better

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