2008 Honda Odyssey Review – The King of Swat Brings Everyone Out to the Ballgame

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This minivan weighs 4,700 pounds yet has only 241 hp to motivate it. According to Car and Driver, the 2007 model ran 0-60 in 8.6 seconds which verifies it’s mediocre acceleration. On freeways, it took some time to accelerate from 60-80; the Odyssey is not meant for the fast lane. This being said, the transmission and torque curve are well matched and provide reliable and smooth power delivery. In return, I averaged approx 17.5 mpg which is reasonable for an 8-person people and gear hauler.

2008 Honda Odyssey

The handling was impressive for such a large vehicle. Body lean was minimized and the well damped ride quality was fantastic. It had the smoothness of a Buick with the feedback and composure of an Audi. Inside, you truly feel like you are riding in a limousine.

I have to say I think the Odyssey is pleasant looking. And the upgraded wheels on the Touring version have a hint of – daresay – aggressiveness. It’s definitely the best looking minivan out there. My wife, on the other hand, simply sees “minivan”—a stigma that she doesn’t want to be branded with, no matter how practical and well it drove.

2008 Honda Odyssey

At $40,000 fully loaded, the Odyssey offers more interior room than the GMC Yukon Hybrid and only marginally less fuel economy (17.5 vs 18). But the Yukon stickers for $56,000, over FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS more! In my mind, the Odyssey offers more practicality, drivability and comfort for far less, and the fuel economy differences don’t justify the added premium for the hybrid. Compared to the Toyota Sienna, it’s about the same price, looks better, but doesn’t offer 4wd. The Chrysler Town and Country is less expensive and has some innovative seating features of it’s own but likely the build quality isn’t as good as the Odyssey.

Unfortunately, for used-car buyers, this Honda holds it’s resale value extremely well—so buying one used doesn’t necessarily mean great bargain hunting.

2008 Honda Odyssey

This is an amazingly well-rounded vehicle that offers fantastic day-to-day livability, versatility for play dates as well as road trips, all for a price that is relatively reasonable. Honda could (and should) up the ante by offering four wheel drive and a hybrid option but it’s still an amazingly functional package as is.

Who should buy it?
If you have 2 or more small kids and gear-related hobbies, the Honda Odyssey is hard to beat.

RATING 5.0 5.0 3.75 4.5 4.5 4.75 4.6/A-

2008 Honda Odyssey Photo Gallery

2008 Honda Odyssey

2008 Honda Odyssey Elite Touring Specs

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  • Derek says:

    @Mason – Brad and Angelina drove a minivan in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, so minivans can’t be all bad. (lol)

    Now that Brangelina has a large family, a minivan has got to one of their family vehicles, unless they were able to score the Partridge Family bus.

  • dennis says:

    wowoww i really like this Honda odyssey were can i get one

  • Mason Makita says:

    great article/review! check out myride.com’s review (very thorough). just a comment on people who can’t imagine themselves in a ‘minivan’: since when did normal folks become brad or angelina? if you’re not hollywood a-listers, who cares? a great, versatile, handling, smooth vehicle, and yet people cringe because it’s a minivan?

    get over your insecurities. practicality rules in this day and age!

  • twain says:

    It was the sliver exterior, grey interior. Gorgeous!

  • Liam says:

    Was this the silver green exterior with the olive interior package?

  • John says:

    Can you do a review on the 2008 Toyota Sienna? It has the new updated engine.

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