'08 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER: Bruiser of a Cruiser

Monday October 29th, 2007 at 9:1010 AM
Posted by: Derek

2008 Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota’s oldest, burliest nameplate gets a makeover

Toyota may have sold only 3376 Land Cruisers in the United States last year, but the venerable nameplate boasts a longer history on these shores than any other vehicle on the Japanese maker’s roster, with a single unit selling alongside 287 Toyopets in 1958-the year Toyota began selling vehicles in America.

It’s appropriate, then, that the launch of the seventh-generation Land Cruiser accompanies Toyota’s 50th year stateside.

The Land Cruiser trades in its 4.7-liter engine for the Tundra’s meaty 5.7-liter V8, which gives the behemoth an additional 116 hp and 73 lb-ft more torque to drag around its 5690-pound curb weight. Output now peaks at 381 hp and 401 lb-ft.

This is all the better because the big ute gets even bigger, gaining 265 pounds for 2008, with 2.4 inches more length (194.9) and 1.2 inches more width (77.6).

The torsion-bar-type front suspension found on ’07 models gets replaced by a double-A-arm setup with coil-over shocks, a combination that helps to increase wheel travel to 9.05 inches, up more than an inch. The design of the rear suspension remains the same as on the outgoing model, though the four-link solid axle with coil springs and Panhard-bar setup is engineered to handle increased power from the engine.

BASE PRICE: $63,885
DRIVETRAIN: 5.7-liter, 381-hp, 401-lb-ft V8; 4wd, six-speed automatic
CURB WEIGHT: 5690 lb
0 TO 60 MPH: 7.3 sec (est)

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One Response to '08 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER: Bruiser of a Cruiser

  1. eby mathew says:

    my brother shan is soon gonna have his own land criser 2008 am really exited about that 2 thumps up to toyota

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