2012 Volkswagen Eos Lux Review – Cabriolet reborn

Friday June 17th, 2011 at 10:66 AM
Posted by: berrichondanny

2012 Volkswagen Eos
By Danny Chang


  • Surprisingly fast acceleration
  • Revised styling is more sophisticated
  • Refined interior & build quality


  • Proportions are a bit awkward with the top up
  • Automatic hardtop takes patience
  • Small trunk space

The last time I even thought about a VW convertible was in high school drooling over the hot blonde cheerleader with a white ’87 Rabbit-based Cabriolet with a matching canvas top. So when my editor called about the Eos I was conflicted. It brought back some fun high school memories but I also had to decide whether I was man enough to drive a chick car. I’m glad I said yes. The Eos represents the top end of the VW convertible line-up, capping the range that will start with the new Beetle soft top and the upcoming Euro-only(for now) 2012 Golf Cabrio soft top. The new VW Eos Lux was fun to drive with the top up or down. Usually the mid-cycle model refresh is focused mostly on the innards with just minor exterior updates, but the 2012 VW Eos received a fairly significant face-lift, and it is all the better for it. Gone are the roundish headlights with the vertically-stretched chrome grille with matching round taillights, and in are the new VW corporate looks both on the front and back. The new design is more sophisticated and less cutesy than the original Eos. The 2.0 turbo four carries over mated to a 6-speed automatic with Tiptronic and Sport mode.

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B&B's VW Eos 500HP V6 Turbo

Thursday January 15th, 2009 at 9:11 AM
Posted by: tonyb

VW EosVolkswagen’s Eos is not the first car you’d think of if someone were to say the words “frighteningly fast” or “outrageously overpowered”. No, you might think of words like “I’d like it more if … ” or “flight attendant”.

But if you hand over the VeeDub’s drop top to the lunatics at B&B, you’ll be saying more than “WOW!”

B&B is a German tuning firm with a long and storied past. The first gained attention for modifying all sorts of German iron, Porsches, Mercedes, BMWs etc., to put down huge amounts of HP and they also got known for making some custom retractable hardtops decades before anyone had thought of it.

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Volkswagen Eos Video Review

Friday December 28th, 2007 at 6:1212 PM
Posted by: Derek

VW now has a hardtop convertible. Top up equals no cowl shake, better security than a soft top, less road noise. Top down means keeping the sunscreen handy and the wind in your hair (if you have any).

YouTube Preview Image

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