Oh Canada!

Tuesday December 9th, 2008 at 7:1212 AM
Posted by: goofshow

Canadian maple leafOk, if it’s not bad enough that the Big Three have been traveling to Washington (thankfully in fuel efficient vehicles this time and not private jets), to ask for a bailout. Now, the execs are now taking their money-begging road show to Canada. Yes, Ford, GM and Chrysler are seeking a $6.8 Billion Government Loan from Canada! Besides outsourcing autoworker jobs to foreign countries, the auto industry is now reaching a hefty hand across our northern border to seek billions in loans and credit from the Ontario government. According to Reid Bigland, CEO of Chrysler Canada, the loan is, “to ensure Chrysler Canada’s substantial Canadian manufacturing and operational footprint is protected.”

It’s good to see that taxpayers of Canada might be paying for our auto snafu. I guess it’s a tradeoff; we gave Jim Carey a film career so those Cannucks owe us. If you’re wondering about the number of people working in Detroit’s Big Three Canadian operations has a workforce of tens of thousands scattered across the Great White North, employed in both plants and dealerships.

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