Featured User Review: 2005 Audi A6 3.2 Sport

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Featured Consumer Review: 2005 Audi A6 3.2 Sport

by dustinaudi

Price Paid: $20,000.00 from private sale
Review Date:
February 9, 2011
Overall Rating:
5 of 5
Value Rating
5 of 5
Used product for:
More than 1 year

Styling, attraction, curb appeal. performance, quietness, opulence, quick

I can’t really comment here. I am a home mechanic so I do most repairs myself and pay wholesale for parts so save a ton of money there, but if i had to go to the garage all the time it would be very expensive.

Well my story began many years ago when I purchased a vw passat and loved it, then one day I was going up an icy road and got stuck with my passat and a quattro passed me with ease, then I knew I was missing out big on something, I bought an a4 (2002) and loved it but  is smaller than a passat so I bought a 2005 a6 black low suspension fully loaded, I don’t buy new cars a total waste of money I paid 20k for a 65k car, so what it has some miles on it but not worth the extra expense, cars lose value all the time but less as the car gets older. I always buy the newer model, I would never have bought a 2004 because the model was revamped in 2005 next change is 2012 I think, that will be my next car when I buy another one in 2017 perhaps.

So the quattro is second to none and goes like stink on ice and snow, esp is like the hand of god controlling the car. I have a steep driveway and would often get stuck with my passat, now ha it is a joke, the other day for the fun of it I sprayed my driveway with water when it was zero degrees outside then drove out of my garage and stopped on the ice…..there was some wheel spin but it was not an issue to get up the hill. fwd or rwd forget about it never would make it up, I love quattro I don’t mind it being winter anymore I love driving in the snow now, not many people can say that, much more fun to drive in the snow than dry because it is so capable, love passing people on the side of the road that are stuck or can’t make it up a hill, my little devil inside me.

So i will drive quattro for life now. super comfortable on long trips, i do Pei and Montreal often and don’t need to stop to stretch. great car and used is a bargain. Funny I went to the car show and liked the jeep wrangler rubicon with the top off and doors as well, I drove one but it was not bad for a 2011 model but certainly no where close in comfort to my audi but as a second car to play around with yes and to go off road rock crawling etc……invest in a innova 3100 to read the codes if you get a check engine light and change the part yourself if you can will save a ton of money. Well hope this helps and prompts some of you who are not sure if you should buy one or not. you should just for the quattro alone, but you still have everything else that you want in a car as well.

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