Video: Audi A1 "The Next Big Thing" Mini Series Part 2 of 6

Tuesday May 11th, 2010 at 8:55 AM
Posted by: Derek

audi_episode2The new Audi A1 episode movie: In the second episode of “The next big thing” the pursuers are very close on their heels and a spectacular car chase begins. Then John (Justin Timberlake) and Toni (Dania Ramirez) are contacted by a mysterious person.

A car chase scene on busy downtown streets, bullets flying that can’t seem to hit a target, and dialogue that needs help from Quentin Tarantino with lines like, “Cut the action-movie sh**. I don’t have time for this.” Forget the supporting characters, it’s the A1 that is the star in this episode.

This is only the second episode, and the rest will be released every Tuesday every week for the next 4 weeks. We’ll be featuring each episode on this blog.

YouTube Preview Image

Visit the website to learn more about the Audi A1 and view behind-the-scenes footage. Click the link to view the first episode: The Next Big Thing

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Video: Audi A1 "The Next Big Thing" Mini Series Part 1 of 6

Saturday May 8th, 2010 at 2:55 PM
Posted by: Derek

Audi_A1_thenextbigthing_screenshot1The new Audi A1 episode movie: The first episode shows John Frank (Justin Timberlake) in a café where he meets the attractive and mysterious Toni (Dania Ramirez) who is being followed. Through her, John is driven into “The next big thing” – action!

Looking at pretty photos of a car is really nice but nothing beats watching a car in full motion action. BMW’s The Hire short clips were the talk of the town during its time and people still refer to them every now and then these days and I won’t deny that the Madonna short movie played a part in making me fall for the E39.

Now Audi is following the same footsteps with a 6 part mini-series featuring Justin Timberlake, Dania Ramirez and the Audi A1. The mini-series is called The Next Big Thing and is directed by Swedish filmmaker Henrik Sundgren.

YouTube Preview Image

You will be able to view the first episode above, and the rest will be released every Tuesday every week for the next 5 weeks. We’ll be featuring each episode on this blog.

Visit the website to watch the first episode once more and experience what happened behind the scenes.

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Audi Announces Two Limited Edition RS6 Packages

Tuesday February 23rd, 2010 at 8:22 AM
Posted by: michael.leroy

2010 Audi RS6Expatriates have all the luck

If you are looking another reason to pack your bags and move to Europe, maybe Audi can finally persuade you with a limited edition RS6 that is only available in Europe. 500 of these limited edition RS6′s will be made and each will be individually numbered. There will be two separate packages, but both will come with 20-inch wheels, sports suspension and a “Carbon design package” for the engine bay.

Audi has has given both special edition packages rather cumbersome names: RS6 plus Sport and RS6 plus Audi exclusive. Customers looking for special colored leather trim and a custom paint job will want to choose the exclusive package. The far less “exclusive” plus Sport package will have an instrument-panel hood and a center console wrapped in leather. Audi will even throw in a set of special front floor mats.

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2010 Audi S4 Quattro Review – A sophisticated performer with flair

Monday January 25th, 2010 at 12:11 PM
Posted by: berrichondanny

2010 Audi S4

By Danny Chang


  • Smooth shifting manual transmission
  • Quick acceleration
  • Sticky roadgrip
  • Class-leading interior design


  • Light steering feel
  • Tame exterior styling
  • Faux buttons on the door handles
  • Inexpensive-feeling interior panels

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Audi Q5 Hybrid Revealed, Production Scheduled to Begin Next Year

Tuesday December 29th, 2009 at 10:1212 PM
Posted by: michael.leroy

2010 Audi Q5

Audi on Dec. 28 released a press statement confirming that the Q5 Hybrid will begin production at the end of 2010. The vehicle will be the first hybrid car sold by the German automaker.

The Q5 Hybrid may likely be based on the VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne. The rumored powertrain is a 3.0 liter V6 with a 52-hp electric assist engine. A hybrid A4 model should follow soon after the Q5.

Last year Audi canceled the Q5 Hybrid because the company was unhappy with the crash test results with nickel metal hydride batteries. This may have been an excuse to give Audi more time to develop their hybrid technology. There could be a chance that the Q5 could come equipped with lithium ion batteries which will improve fuel efficiency.

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2010 Audi A5 Cabriolet Review – A stunning drop top with the moves to match

Monday December 21st, 2009 at 9:1212 AM
Posted by: AKramer

2010 Audi S4

By Alex Kramer


  • Versatile turbocharged engine
  • Sticks to the road like glue
  • Well-appointed, luxurious interior
  • Soft-top folds down in a mere 15 seconds


  • Could use a few more ponies under the hood
  • Rear seats are for kids only
  • A bit pricey, even for a luxury convertible


Let’s face it, in the eyes of car enthusiasts convertibles just don’t get much respect. Taking the top off of a sporty coupe is seen as a recipe for appealing to the fairer sex, for whom aesthetic appeal is far more important than tire roasting acceleration or slot car like handling. When Audi announced that it would produce its A5 coupe in a cabriolet for 2010, one could easily interpret this as a blatant move in the hairdresser direction. With the TT roadster aimed more at the sports car segment, the A5 Cabriolet will surely appeal to the well-coiffed crowd.

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2010 Audi Q5 3.2 Quattro Review – Warm on the Outside, Cold on the Inside

Tuesday December 15th, 2009 at 1:1212 PM
Posted by: Kurt Gensheimer

2010 Audi Q5
Review and photographs by Kurt Gensheimer


  • Sedan-like handling
  • Exterior style that competitors lack
  • Unique LED ‘eyebrow’ lights
  • Copious interior space for its size (excluding rear middle seat)


  • Useless rear middle seat
  • Interior colder than refrigerated German coleslaw
  • Options push sticker past the $50K cringe point
  • Where’s the 2.0T?

Ruling: Eventually we’ll all end up driving wagons again, but until then, the Q5 eases the transition with a perfect blend of SUV and station wagon characteristics.

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CarReview's Best Car Choices of 2009

Monday November 23rd, 2009 at 3:1111 PM
Posted by: ggaillard

New Year 2009-2010 SignpostContributing editors: Greg Gaillard, Alex Kramer, Kurt Gensheimer, Derek Mau

Despite 2008′s desperate measures to help auto manufacturers hold on to business as usual, 2009 brought only radical change leaving many old business practices and brands behind.

We have been spectators in this year of turmoil and watched the industry struggle to reinvent itself.  Two of The Big Three went bankrupt; one emerged with a global partner, the other became lean and focused.  Diesels are now faster than their gasoline counterparts. Nine out of ten EPA mpg champs are hybrids. VW bought Porsche while Porsche was buying VW.  Overall sales were millions of units short of expectations. Manufacturers now pin their hopes on the Chinese market, while Americans pray that the Volt is half as good as it needs to be. Somehow, during all of this turmoil Kia became cool.  What was once unthinkable has happened.

Amidst the mayhem consumer conservatism has redefined value to mean more than MSRP, monthly payments and residuals. Cars had better be good at what they do or people won’t buy them. The industry must meet the new expectation of great cars and real innovation. Tricky marketing and trend analysis will not build the product portfolios of the future.

While the industry was being shaken to its core, 2009 was a banner year for new technologies and remarkable products.  Read on to find out which cars persevered as CarReview’s best choices of 2009

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2010 Audi A3 TDI Coming To America

Tuesday September 8th, 2009 at 7:99 AM
Posted by: tonyb

Audi A3 TDI

More news on the diesel front: Audi has finally decided to bring a diesel variant of its very popular A3 to America as a 2010 model. The A3, which is sort of the car that people buy when they want more than a Volkswagen and less than a bigger Audi, has been intensely popular. Small and compact enough for urban duty, yet able to travel long distances with ease put the car on a spectrum of car buyers’ short lists.

The only thing missing, for the American market, has been a diesel option. The oil burners have been available since the get go in Europe, where diesel is a popular fuel choice, but Audi has been reluctant to bring any of their diesels to North America. This has been something of a downer for those that want an Audi and are either the frugal type, or more green conscious, but now that’s all set to change.

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Audi A1 On The Way, Production Starts in Fall

Monday August 3rd, 2009 at 7:88 AM
Posted by: tonyb

Audi A1

Audi is getting into the mini-car market for real with their new A1, and its production will start this fall. Audi felt compelled to answer both BMW’s MINI as well as the Euro only A-Class from Mercedes with the A1. As you would expect, it looks like a shrunken head version of an Audi: just like the big ones, only crammed onto a smaller frame. Although there are no plans for a U.S. version, Audi isn’t saying no either.

Production of the new A1 will begin in Belgium this October. That’s according to Alfons Dintner, head of Audi’s Brussels plant. He also stated that Audi will shut down the plant for the coming five weeks in order to ramp up for production of the A1 which will hit Audi’s European showrooms in the beginning of 2010.

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