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The MKS interior is an environment in which you could spend all day without complaint. In addition to its hushed interior, the MKS features Scottish-sourced leather seats which are both heated and cooled in the front with optional rear heated seats. Legroom in the rear is copious, as is headroom.

The MKS also features technological innovations that are actually useful, unlike some other luxury brands which overdo technology to the point of making its owner commit harakiri. However, we were a bit miffed with the whole keyless entry system. First off, if you have a keyless entry system, and your key is buried in your pocket, how about having a button on the door handle which automatically unlocks the door? Although the MKS features Ford’s classic SecuriCode door system, which has been upgraded to a sleek, invisible, heat-sensitive LCD on the B-pillar, it still begs the question, what’s the point of keyless entry if you still have to punch in a door code? And we’re still not sold on the whole keyless, push-button ignition fad.

But those are minor quibbles. Ford’s SYNC system, which comes standard, is superb. It works so well that I still have a hard time believing that Microsoft developed the technology. After spending five frustrating minutes trying to unsuccessfully use the Nav system by hand to punch in an address, I realized the car had SYNC, pushed the talk button, and viola!, within 30 seconds I was rolling to my destination. Being a late-adopting techno-grouch, I’m not ashamed to say that SYNC is awesome, because it’s a technology that’s actually useful and easy to use. Add on the Sirius Travel Link that gives real-time gas prices, movie listings and sports scores, the MKS is practically a mobile mission control center.

In the cargo department, although the trunk has a generous 19 cubic feet of space, the trunk opening is not like a Town Car, it’s tiny, which doesn’t make much sense considering the expansive overall length of the MKS. So although you might be able to fit a lot in the trunk, it’s gonna be limited to a certain width and girth.


On the outside, the MKS has some really tasteful touches. Chrome trim runs the length of the roofline and down the back to enhance the sleek look of the body. Chrome trim also surrounds the window lines, evoking the look of a European luxury sedan. The front double wing grille with a Lincoln badge in the middle is inspired by the 1941 Continental, and Lincoln badges also attractively adorn both sides of the front fenders. However, one of the best features on the outside hides behind a door, the fuel door. Although pretty basic in theory, Ford’s capless “Easy Fuel” filler system completely eliminates the fuel cap, which makes you wonder why someone hadn’t already invented this simple, yet convenient innovation.

2009 Lincoln MKS


The MKS is a solid value car. Note the word solid. Equipped with AWD, the $40K base price and $46K price as tested isn’t particularly outstanding. We’ve definitely seen other luxury cars which offer more performance, luxury and prestige for the same or less money. The MKS is a bit underpowered next to its competitors, but the biggest quandry we see with the value of the MKS is the lack of prestige the Lincoln brand offers. Lincoln, at least right now, doesn’t have the luxury reputation of a Benz, BMW, or Lexus, or even an Infiniti or Acura for that matter. So by itself, the MKS is a terrific value, but when matched against its competitors, it falters.

Who Should Buy It?

This car is for that American who wants to support American products without suffering the shoddy quality and engineering that has plagued American cars in the past. If you don’t care about status or keeping with with the Jones’ new Benz or the current public opinion regarding the Lincoln brand, the MKS is a terrific car.

2009 Lincoln MKS


Ford is really turning its business around with some quality products, and the MKS is a perfect example. Although it falls short in performance and reputation, consider this: In the past five years, Ford has reported a 50 percent decrease in warranty-related repairs. 50 percent. That’s a huge number, and proves that perhaps Ford is making Quality Job #1 once again. Of course, the muckity-mucks will say ‘Ford got those numbers by denying customers warranty-related repairs’, but I’m willing to bet those muckity-mucks haven’t driven a Ford lately.

Build Interior Performance Handling Styling Value Overall
Rating 4.0 5.0 3.5 3.5 4.0 3.0 3.8/C+

2009 Lincoln MKS Photo Gallery

Lincoln MKS Specs

2009 Lincoln MKS Specs

Lincoln CarsOfficial website for Lincoln luxury cars and SUVs – www.lincoln.com

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  • Derek says:

    Reporting back on the performance of the 3.5L direct-injection twin-turbo EcoBoost engine — winner, winner, chicken dinner! Power from the Ecoboost engine is utterly amazing and smoother than a 12-year old single malt scotch. What really impressed was the EcoBoost’s torque band. Most of the power is available early in the rev range and doesn’t quit until the cows are ready to come home. Yeah, its that good.

  • paul says:

    Thanks for the comp.
    I understand the M35, but again, the rear seats are much, much to small for adults on trips.
    Same for the BMWs and the they and the Audi all were soooo damn hard on my rear end!
    Points for MKS.
    The TL refuses to give heated seats in rear, not cooled in front.
    Points for MKS.
    I test drove the G8 with my wife and both loved the feel…BUT road noise was crazy on the highway and no AWD. This RWD is simply unacceptable in Chicago winters. We got over 42 inches so far this year alone.
    The only car that came close was the Genesis, but RWD only again.
    I have given strick orders to my dealer to give a call upon the first arrival of the MKS Ecoboost!

    By the way, my wife thinks I am totally crazy!
    I just took her NEW Mazda6 i in to trade up for the S!!!
    I simply loved the 4, but the continually wishing for more torque and dreaming of the new Audi A4 was driving me nuts.
    So now I get the power AND the rear seat room with regular fuel.
    Feeling much better, now.

  • Genshammer says:

    Hey Paul,

    Great feedback. You’re definitely right, the MKS offers a lot for the money, however, you can get an Infiniti M35x (AWD) for about 47K with everything the MKS has in a much more athletic package. You can also get an Acura TL, fully loaded with every option for about $45K, and a base RL for a few thousand more.

    Also, it might not be quite as luxurious, but the Pontiac G8 is certainly much sportier than the MKS, and a complete and utter steal at $39K, fully loaded, with a 360 horsepower V8.

    But perhaps the biggest value competitor to the MKS is the Buick Lucerne Super, which offers virtually every option you listed plus a blissful Northstar V8 engine for $43K.

    There are competitors out there to the MKS, but as you’ve highlighted, the MKS offers a ton of luxury for the money. And when the EcoBoost motor comes out next year, the MKS is really going to be a hot machine. Obviously, the old Lincoln stigma has not kept you from buying this great car, so consider yourself the proud owner of a well-kept secret!

    Kurt G.

  • paul says:

    I am confused.
    I have one, fully loaded (except for that darned adaptive cruize which I avoided at all cost) and it cost me 41K last November.
    Your review states you can find others “other luxury cars which offer more performance, luxury and prestige for the same or less money. “, but I am asking you…which ones?
    I looked, test drove many, many cars and many times each.
    None gave me what the MKS did:

    Heated AND cooled front seats, heated rear.
    Panoramic sun/roofs.
    Size rear seats for my 16 foot boys.
    Adaptive headlights.
    Rain sensitive wipers.
    Auto bright lights.
    Soft/leather (German and others were hard).
    Special dual pained glass.
    OK…I will love to see the car that offers this for even 45K.

    Thanks for the great review.
    Over all you and I agree with your other points.

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