SEMA 2010 Show Day 2 Photo Gallery

Thursday November 4th, 2010 at 11:1111 PM
Posted by: Derek

MicroCarMag-CarReview SEMA 2010 show coverageMicroCarMag checks in with another set of photos from the SEMA 2010 show taking place in Las Vegas. Mo’ cars. Mo’ girls.

Thomas and his team have been pretty busy in the booth and had a lot of big stuff happen today. Here are some pics and the rest is in the SEMA 2010 photo gallery. Click on any thumbnail image to view the fullsize photograph.

Photo credit: Trung

SEMA 2010 Day 1 Photo Gallery

SEMA 2010 Day 2 Photo Gallery

SEMA 2010 Day 3 Photo Gallery

SEMA 2010 Day 4 Photo Gallery

Girls of SEMA 2010

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SEMA 2010 Day 1 Photo Gallery

Wednesday November 3rd, 2010 at 2:1111 PM
Posted by: Derek

MicroCarMag-CarReview SEMA 2010 show coverageThe 2010 SEMA show is the world’s largest aftermarket expo and this year boasts significant participation by more than a few major automakers. New ideas, renewed enthusiasm, and the penchant for going bigger while being eco-conscious all in the same breath. Below are a few photos that our friends from sent us. The full set of photos from Day 1 can be found in the CarReview SEMA 2010 photo gallery.

One example of a major carmaker having a presence is Honda having a grand total of 12 different CR-Zs on display at this year’s SEMA show. In addition to the Mugen and Hybrid R, big name companies like Bisimoto Engineering, DSO Eyewear, Eibach Springs, Fortune Motorsports and Konig Wheels have created their own one-off CR-Zs, accounting for a little less than half of Honda’s overall showing. Two special project CR-Zs are on hand, as well, done up by the folks from Honda Tuning Magazine and the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Honda Performance Development CR-Z Racer looks like a true racing machine with its fully stripped-down body, a lowered suspension, functional aerokit, and a set of 17-inch wheels with meaty racing slicks.

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Tommy Kaira tunes 2010 Toyota Prius

Friday January 8th, 2010 at 10:11 AM
Posted by: michael.leroy

Tony Kaira Toyota Prius
JDM tuner gives the plain Prius an aggressive look.

Prius owners looking to hotrod their hybrids should grab their credit card and English to Japanese dictionary. Tommy Kaira, the famous Japanese tuner best known by Americans from Gran Turismo, is now offering a range of performance parts and body kits for the car.

The body kit includes a new front bumper, a rear bumper with diffuser and side skirts. The kit really does manage to improve the rather mundane look of the car and is almost what you would expect if Toyota sold the Prius as a Scion. An odd touch is four exhaust tips which may be going a bit too far.

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SEMA Day 1 Report

Monday November 9th, 2009 at 11:1111 AM
Posted by: thomas@microcarmag


Hey Everyone at – It’s Thomas, founder of, here with my Day 1 report from the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Day 1 started with such fury as we witnessed the unveiling of some killer rides and heard announcements from some of the major automakers in our industry! The very first unveiling had Peter Klut from Dream Car Garage, a SPEED Channel show following the work of Peter’s crew at Legendary Motorcar, showing us an awesome 1970 Super Cuda that combined classic design with carbon fiber and Chip Foose green paint at the BASF paint booth.  Klut’s special guest at the unveiling was none other than the famous designer Chip Foose!  This unveiling was just the tip of the iceberg for our Day 1.

Chip Foose 1970 Super Cuda

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2009 SEMA Photo Gallery – Day 1

Wednesday November 4th, 2009 at 5:1111 PM
Posted by: thomas@microcarmag

The 2009 SEMA show started off with a lot of energy and optimism for the new year that is almost at our door. New ideas, renewed enthusiasm, and the penchant for going bigger while being eco-conscious all in the same breath. Below are a few photos that our friends from sent us. The full set can be found in the CarReview photo gallery.

More interesting tidbits and a lot more exciting stuff to follow in the next few days. Click on the thumbnail  below to view the fullsize image.

2009 SEMA smart carKen Block Monster Subaru2009 SEMA show car
Ken Block Monster Subaru

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2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec

Monday November 2nd, 2009 at 11:1111 AM
Posted by: tonyb

Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-spec

Hyundai’s Genesis Coupe garnered a lot of good press and gearhead interest from the get go. And it seems to be fully justified and also understandable. The Hyundai Genesis is well styled (enough), rear wheel drive, and above all, reasonably priced. It’s a car that a young tuner-oriented kid can sink their teeth into, and there’s already a pretty decent aftermarket for the car.

And Hyundai just added a new wrinkle to the mix with its announcement that it will be making a Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec for 2010. With a starting price of just $23,750 and hitting the dealer showrooms fairly stripped down, that way being all the better for future customization by the end user, the R-Spec promises to be even more of what the aftermarket tuner wants.

Photo gallery of R-Spec after the jump
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SEMA 2009 – A Stampede From the East

Thursday October 15th, 2009 at 7:1010 AM
Posted by: ggaillard

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

American muscle is dead. SEMA 2009 is quite possibly the final sunset into which the American pony car will ride. While it may be hard to see daylight fading in SEMA’s glare of eight customized Camaros sponsored by GM, or the usual herd of V8 tuners ready to add more excess, if you step outside the corral, you will find that the American pony car’s muscle no longer fits its market or our times.

Build a Camaro SS add the RS package along with a couple of options and soon you’re in the $40K stratosphere; hardly a reflection of the original pony car ideal of taking an inexpensive sedan chassis, adding some sporty lines with a powerful engine and keeping the price point accessible. Even though we see the current Mustang GT does a reasonable job of holding on to this heritage, it’s still a top end model and priced accordingly. The Challenger SRT may be retro fabulous, but is ultimately a ridiculous machine. Sure, these are halo models intended to help shift secretary specials, but something has been lost in translation so that the fast and furious versions are now priced to be garage queens and the intended market will look elsewhere for practical rear drive performance with flair.

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ABT Tuning Audi S5 AS5-R with 510HP

Monday March 2nd, 2009 at 8:33 AM
Posted by: tonyb

Audi S5

ABT, a Euro tuning house, has been up to all sorts of fun/crazy stuff these days, a heavily modded VW Scirocco Coupe and a worked over Audi Q5 and R8 to mention three. They continue on in that vein with their new massaged Audi S5, which they dub the AS5-R and whose most outstanding feature is 510HP.

The AS5-R makes its debut at next month’s Geneva Show. The ABT version of the A5 coupe includes an updated version of the current S5′s 344HP 4.2-liter V8 engine, modified to crank out 510-horsepower. ABT is staying schtum on any more info on the AS5-R, but aside from the massaged engine, you’ll also notice a new body kit, larger alloy wheels along with a modified suspension and a more powerful braking system. About what you’d expect.

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350HP Volkswagen Scirocco From Sportec

Thursday February 19th, 2009 at 6:22 AM
Posted by: tonyb

Sportec VW Scirocco

Dear God, that’s a lot of horsepower for a car this small. Not to mention it’s all going through the front wheels. The torque-steer must be massive … and fun! What we have here is VW’s latest Scirocco that has been tuned by a Swiss outfit by the name of Sportec. So much for the Swiss being a bunch of buttoned down boring bankers huh?

Does this sound boring:

A sports suspension, alloy wheels rims and engine upgrades that boost the 2.0-liter turbocharged output from 240HP to 350HP. And the torque? How about a massive 354 lbs/ft in the top of the line version?

Sportec’s engineers modified the 2.0 TFSI’s supercharger, ran some updates to the ECU and ditched the stock exhaust system with one that breaths better. for looks, they added a carbon-fiber engine cover . On the handling front, they developed an in house sports suspension that drops the coupe 35 mm, and stuffed 20-inch alloy wheels shod in 245/30 high-performance sport tires into the wheel wells.

Of course they fiddle with the interior. 4-part floor mats made of soft velour and a multi-part carbon interior with the Sportec logo, nice, but it doesn’t make the car faster.

So, fill me in VW, have you made up your mind about bringing the Scirocco to our shores? It’s on again, off again, on again … I can’t keep track. If you’re not, you should. And if you do, send me the contact info for Sportec, will you?

Source: CarScoop

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Jlevi Steetwerks BMW 335i project car – Enter the dragon

Thursday February 5th, 2009 at 9:22 AM
Posted by: Derek

In June of 2008, the team at embarked on a new project car – code name, “Red Dragon”. Keeping the aftermarket scene in mind, they chose to modify the extremely popular E92 335i, as it had significantly higher production numbers than the nascent E92 M3. Furthermore, having thoroughly enjoyed their VF Engineering Supercharged E46 328Ci, the team was simply unable to resist the temptation of a Twin-Turbo Inline 6, and immediately saw the immense potential of this tuner car. From the outset, the goal was clear: the company would showcase its expertise and product line in an effort to inspire customers, inviting them to share in every step of the process.

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