2012 Acura TSX Special Edition Review

Tuesday March 20th, 2012 at 1:33 PM
Posted by: D.Colman

By David Colman

For: Refined reflexes, Superb shift, Zingy motor
Against: Low torque = peaky performance

Since the demise of the ground-breaking NSX sports car and the discontinuation of the razor sharp Integra Type R, Acura has become an invisible brand to enthusiasts. But for 2012, the luxury division of Honda has introduced a sports-flavored Special Edition version of their most affordable TSX sedan that will have erstwhile marque supporters rallying for a closer look.

The TSX SE is Acura’s best shot at a sports sedan. Unlike any other product in the company’s extensive line, this one is available with a manual transmission 6-speed. The gearbox is a delight to use, with short throws, predictable clutch engagement, and a neatly crafted shift knob that makes you want to work the gearbox even more than you need.

Best of all, those 6 closely spaced ratios control a typical high revving Honda motor that loves to be run to peak rpm in each gear. The exhaust note of the iVTEC 4 cylinder, DOHC, 16 valve engine changes from a purr to a snarl as the variable valve timing kicks in at about 5,500 rpm. By the time you’re ready to upshift, the tachometer needle has zinged past 7,000rpm, and the 201hp motor is emitting a full banshee wail. You’ll never tire of the TSX’s soundtrack. In a model line full of over-refined Acuras, the TSX is the guttural exception, the only Acura that speaks to Honda’s proud roots in racing.

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2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon Review

Tuesday August 9th, 2011 at 9:88 AM
Posted by: Derek

2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon
By Derek Mau


  • Adept handling for a wagon
  • Powertrain provides nice balance of power and economy
  • Comfortable cabin
  • A luxury car with lots of cargo room
  • Optional Acura/ELS surround sound system


  • 5-speed transmission automatic transmission
  • No V6 or 6-speed manual option for North American market
  • Navigation system needs to catch up to the competition
  • Backseat legroom is tight for taller passengers

Since the SUV started dominating car sales, the station wagon has fallen in status somewhere between the microcar (e.g. Smart car) and the minivan. In the era of the Ford Country Squire your parents appreciated them. Nowadays, auto journalists and Europeans are the select few who fully appreciate their form and function, but nobody buys them here. It’s that last trait that’s led to the near extinction of the family wagon.

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2010 Acura TSX V6 Review – The veritable TSX gets an engine upgrade for 2010

Thursday January 28th, 2010 at 10:11 AM
Posted by: anson

2010 Acura TSX V6
By Anson Tse


  • One of the best looking interiors
  • Smooth and quiet V6
  • Nimble handling


  • Some ergonomic details are a bit off
  • The V6 option is expensive
  • Underwhelming audio system

The Acura brand has been around for over 20 years now but it’s not top of mind when thinking about Japanese luxury vehicles. Lexus and Infiniti always seemed to gather the most attention, which probably attests more to marketing efforts than the vehicles themselves. I have noticed an increased marketing effort from Acura to generate more awareness of the brand, mainly touting its 5 star safety ratings across its whole line. But what about the cars themselves, how do they compare with everything else out there in this crowded premium sedan market?

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Four New Cars From The Foreign 4 Knocking at the Door

Monday February 23rd, 2009 at 2:22 PM
Posted by: m35man


Who would have dreamed a year ago that the big names at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show would be Acura, Hyundai, Kia, and Mazda? Who would have ever imagined that a U.S. auto show would be dominated by companies from Japan and Korea?

Everyone thought the Chicago Auto Show would be a great opportunity for the Big 3 to pull out the stops and put a positive spin on a bad situation. But, instead of a much-needed infusion of confidence, all the Big 3 got was an old-school whuppin’ at the hands of the Foreign 4.

While the Big 3 was busy taking private jets to Washington D.C., closing production facilities and laying off workers at an alarming rate, it seems that the Foreign 4 has been hard at work.

Sure, the Big 3 did unveil some great new cars. But, questions still remain. How quickly can they get these vehicles to market? Are they earmarking bailout money for these projects? (They must be.) But, while the Big 3 wonders, the Foreign 4 plunders, and that’s the name of that tune.

4 new cars from the Foreign 4: The 2010 Acura TSX V-6, the 2010 Hyundai Genesis coupe R-Spec, the 2010 Kia Forte, and the 2009 Mazda MX-5 were displayed at the Chicago Auto Show.

Read the article from Kirk Bell, contributing author to CarReview and Search Chicago, after the jump:

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2009 Acura TSX Review – Nice package for the conservative Brooks Brothers type

Wednesday September 10th, 2008 at 1:99 PM
Posted by: Francois

Review by Francis Cebedo | Photos by Derek Mau


  • The build quality is top notch
  • The slick shifter is a joy to use
  • The engine is very willing and has a broad power range


  • Power, power, power. A car of this stature can seem badly underpowered at times
  • There is a bit of body roll and tire squeal when driven at the limit

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2009 Acura TSX Video Review

Wednesday September 3rd, 2008 at 6:99 AM
Posted by: Derek

With an updated engine, revised styling and new features, the 2009 Acura TSX is hoping to gain some traction as an entry-level luxury sedan. Somehow the latest generation TSX comes up short when compared to other entry-level sedans. Competitively in the same class as the BMW 3-series, Audi A4 and the Volvo S40, the 2009 TSX could use a little extra to get ahead in class crowded with over-achievers. The handling could be a little tighter and being a FWD drive car doesn’t help much. Limited by its single engine offering, a normally aspirated 2.4-liter inline-4 producing 201 horsepower and 170 pound-feet of torque, the engine’s real power band begins in the upper rev range and the VTEC kicks in. Plus, it could use a little more low-end torque. The upside is above average gas mileage if you stay out of VTEC range. Watch our video review and find out how the new TSX sums up in overall value and performance.

YouTube Preview Image

2009 Acura TSX Photo Gallery

2009 Acura TSX Specs

2009 Acura TSX Specs

AcuraThe official website of Acura – www.acura.com

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All-New 2009 TSX to Debut at New York International Auto Show

Friday February 15th, 2008 at 11:22 AM
Posted by: Derek

2009 Acura TSX

02/10/2008 – TORRANCE, Calif. -
Acura announced today it will debut the all-new 2009 Acura TSX sports sedan at the 2008 New York International Auto Show and released an exterior photo of the new model. Scheduled to go on-sale in the spring, the 2009 Acura TSX will be the second generation of Acura’s popular entry level sedan and feature numerous advancements in performance, styling, technology and safety.

“The new 2009 TSX speaks clearly to the direction we are taking our Acura sedans in the future,” said Dick Colliver, executive vice president auto sales, “The TSX is a significant step in the advancement of our sedan lineup and the continued enhancement of the Acura brand.”

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2008 Acura TSX Video Review

Tuesday January 15th, 2008 at 6:11 PM
Posted by: aquadog

The 2008 Acura TSX is a popular entry-level luxury sedan that is fun to drive, has great fuel economy, precise steering, a smooth shifter, many high tech features, a luxurious interior, is really safe, and might just be the perfect all around vehicle. The TSX is equipped with a 2.4 liter, 16 valve i-VTEC four-cylinder engine, puts out 205 horsepower, 165 lb-ft of torque and does a 0-60-mph in 7 seconds. It has a ton of technological features that include heated leather seats, a sunroof, climate control and an optional navigational system with voice recognition so you can control the stereo and heating controls by voice. The 2008 Acura TSX earned a 5-star crash test rating from the NHTSA for driver side and frontal impact and 4-stars for its passenger and rear impact. Overall, the TSX is a great buy.

Watch the video review as Kurt sums up the character of this extremely sporty, high tech, entry-level luxury sedan.

YouTube Preview Image

2008 Acura TSX Photo Gallery

Acura TSX Specs

2008 Acura TSX Specs

AcuraThe official website of Acura – www.acura.com

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2008 Acura TSX Review – Balance Found

Tuesday January 15th, 2008 at 6:11 PM
Posted by: Kurt Gensheimer

2008 Acura TSX
By Kurt Gensheimer


  • Shifter feels like it’s greased with Crisco
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • High fun-to-drive factor
  • Luxurious and high tech interior
  • Comes standard with everything but navigation


  • Vague clutch pickup in first gear
  • Four cylinder is a little lacking in grunt

Verdict: The car that Mr. Miyagi would drive until the end of time. Read the rest of this entry »

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