The Five Ugliest Cars of All Time

Tuesday November 29th, 2011 at 7:1111 AM
Posted by: m35man

Raise your hand if you’ve owned an ugly car. Scream out loud if you actually loved your ugly car.

1975 AMC PacerLet’s face it—for every great car we produce on this planet, they’re bound to be a couple of real duds. Unfortunately, failure is just a fact of life. These vehicles probably looked really good on the drawing board, but in reality they were design disasters that are best forgotten.

1.) 1975 AMC Pacer: One of the lowest points in the history of car making, the AMC Pacer was a disaster of great proportions on many levels—from the 95hp inline 6-cylinder engine all the way to the terrible fuel economy—18mpg. So, not only did it not turn heads (except in shock), this vehicle rode like a covered wagon with one bad wheel. The design reminds me of something you’d see in a 1950’s “B” sci-fi film. Consequently, the Pacer has become the poster child of 1970’s bad automotive design. If there are any of these cars left out there, they should be destroyed, for the good of the race and the culture. When other civilizations look back on us 1,000 years from now, the Pacer will undoubtedly be cited as the beginning of the end.

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10 Best Coolest Used Cars

Wednesday August 26th, 2009 at 4:88 PM
Posted by: twain

Jeep Scrambler AEV Brute Conversion

Buying a new car is going to cost a lot of dough. With the same or a lot less money, what used models could you buy? The list below ranges from the practical to the completely impractical. But it’s fun to think about cars that are truly unique, beautiful, or purpose built. What are some of your favorite “used” cars?

Below are some cars that I think are uniquely desirable though not in any order of priority. Picking the top ten was hard because there are so many cool cars to choose. So, I included a few more of my favorites. What would you buy if reliability wasn’t a factor?

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