2011 Acura RL Review – More Than Just a Fancy Accord

Thursday April 21st, 2011 at 2:44 PM
Posted by: the911guy

By Dan Tsuchiya


  • Unflappable SH-AWD system makes for a great poor weather driver
  • Smooth power delivery and very controlled in the turns
  • Interior features and details


  • Uninspired styling
  • User interface for radio and satellite not best in class
  • Rear seat leg room could be better

The sea of mid/large-sized luxury sedans has grown over the years, primarily because this is still a lucrative class of automobiles for manufacturers. Luxury car brands are fighting for those hard earned consumer dollars in the $45-$70k range and unlike their value oriented cousins, there is still a lot of margin in these vehicles.

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2009 Acura RL Review – Acura achieves balance once again with the RL

Monday November 3rd, 2008 at 11:1111 AM
Posted by: peter

2009 Acura RL
By Peter N.


  • Smooth, but powerful driving
  • Excellent ergonomics and practicality
  • Packed with advanced technology


  • Bland styling

I have long been a fan of Honda’s premier brand of cars, which has delivered many cars with solid performance at attractive price points. Lately, the Acura brand has put a significant emphasis on the technology they offer, touting their ability to bring the latest advancements in luxury automotive electronics to their customers. Has Acura created the next M-Drive or is this something humans can actually use?

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2009 Acura RL First Impressions: Year 12 of the Identity Crisis

Tuesday October 21st, 2008 at 7:1010 AM
Posted by: John G.

2009 Acura RL
By John G.


  • Perfectly tuned suspension, excellent road feel. SH-AWD really works
  • Comfortable yet firmly supportive seats, great driving ergonomics
  • A luxury car for people that understand performance isn’t just how fast you can leave a stoplight


  • Can’t decide whether it’s futuristic or conservative. The result just looks strange
  • Dash has too much plastic trim, too many plastic buttons for a $50K car
  • Needs something more to differentiate it from the TL

Ever since they stopped naming their cars and started using cryptic acronyms, Acura has always had a major brand identity problem. Is it a luxury marque, or a performance marque?

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