2012 Lincoln MKT Review – Big on the outside, big on the inside

Monday August 22nd, 2011 at 11:88 AM
Posted by: D.Colman

2012 Lincoln MKT
By contributing editor David Colman


  • Impressive power from EcoBoost V6 engine
  • Heavy hauler will tow 4,500 lbs.
  • Twin sunroof adds to spaciousness


  • Poor rear vision
  • Annoying center console lid design
  • Shortage of storage compartments

The Lincoln MKT makes optimal use of Ford’s sweet EcoBoost motor which is twin-turbocharged to produce 355 hp from just 3.5 liter of V6 displacement. This relatively small and efficient engine, also used in Ford’s Flex, returns good gas mileage figures (16 city/21 highway) considering its bus-like application in this spacious (6 or 7 passenger), heavy (4,680 pound) people mover. If you opt for the standard seating package of two front buckets and two rows of benches, you’ll be able to squeeze seven aboard, with just a footlocker at the back for belongings. The MKT provides a convenient power assist for opening the rear hatchback either via the key fob remote or a switch located under the dash. Unfortunately, there is no source of power provided to slam the hatch closed other than your own wrist.

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2011 Lincoln MKT AWD Review – Singing Along in the Family Wagon

Friday June 10th, 2011 at 11:66 AM
Posted by: peter

2011 Lincoln MKT distinctive split-wing grille
By Peter N.


  • V6 engine that performs like a V8
  • All-wheel drive delivers acceleration and confidence
  • Advanced technology for the latest bells and whistles


  • Restricted visibility
  • Some advanced technology was awkward and/or confusing

For this review, I had the unusual pleasure of testing a 2011 Lincoln MKT AWD on a snowy weekend trip up to Tahoe. What better way to test the cruising capabilities, the all-wheel drive for stability, and hauling capacity to pack a family for a ski vacation?

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2010 Lincoln MKT Review – Lincoln finds the sweet spot for luxury crossovers

Tuesday November 10th, 2009 at 11:1111 AM
Posted by: twain

2010 Lincoln MKT
By Twain Mein


  • Very quite and well-damped ride
  • Beautifully appointed interior
  • Massive dual-panel panoramic sunroof
  • Incredible THX-certified sound system
  • Exterior styling


  • Visibility
  • iPhone syncing
  • 3rd row leg room and overhead space
  • Exterior styling (!)


The 2010 Lincoln MKT is Ford’s up-scale version of the Ford Flex “crossover”. Crossover is taking a traditional car platform and extending it to give the space of an SUV. Many SUV’s, like the Chevy Tahoe, are built on truck chassis (“body on frame”) versus a car chassis (“unibody” construction where the body is structural). By enlarging a car unibody, crossovers promise the space of an SUV with ride and handling of a traditional car. The Lincoln is built on the same D4 platform as the Ford Flex, and it distinguishes itself with aggressive styling and luxurious amenities. The D4 platform is a “stretched” version of the D3 platform which originally underpinned the ’03 Volvo XC90 as well as the Ford Taurus. These Swedish genetics are good assets for Ford/Lincoln which provide a rigid structure and competent chassis. The version we tested had the base 3.7 liter, 270 hp Duratec engine and was optioned for a ~$49,000 price tag.

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First Impressions: 2010 Lincoln MKT – Renewing its old-style elegance with modern technology

Friday October 2nd, 2009 at 9:1010 AM
Posted by: Derek

2010 Lincoln MKT
By Derek Mau


  • 355 hp EcoBoost engine with a power band wider than the Grand Canyon
  • Active Park Assist feature that works 10x better than Toyota/Lexus
  • More standard luxury features than its closest competitors
  • A ride quieter than Tibetan Buddhist Monastery
  • No longer using switches and knobs from the Ford-Mercury parts bin


  • Oversize split-bow grill is more ugly than intimidating
  • Supposed to be smaller than a Navigator, but still really large

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Dodge Journey, Lincoln MKT, MAZDA3 Get Top Safety Marks

Monday September 14th, 2009 at 9:99 AM
Posted by: tonyb


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, also known as the IIHS has just given its highest safety rating to three new model rides: The Dodge Journey, Lincoln MKT and Mazda Mazda3. All three of the cars got top marks in the front, side and rear impact tests and all three featured standard stability control.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said in a statement that “Criteria to win are tough because the award is intended to drive continued safety improvements.”

Only the Dodge received the IIHS’ top marks in every single category whereas the Lincoln and Mazda received “Acceptable” ratings in other categories. The Insurance Institute said that the Lincoln and Mazda’s overall evaluations were robust enough to receive the “Top Safety Pick” award.

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