Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy for Teens to Open in the U.S. Late 2011

Wednesday March 30th, 2011 at 2:33 PM
Posted by: aquadog

Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy UKMercedes-Benz will launch their Driving Academy for teens, that will open in the U.S. late 2011. Joining the ranks of other car manufacturers that have their own specialized driving academies such as, Jaguar “R” Academy, Land Rover Driver Experience, BMW Teen Driving School, and the Audi Sportscar Experience to name a few, Mercedes-Benz also feels that the U.S. standard of 30 hours of in-class education and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training does not effectively give teenagers the skills and competencies for safe and enjoyable driving.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S. In fact, teens aged 16-19 are four times more likely to crash than adults”. The Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy approach to this will prepare students by going beyond basic car control skills and traffic rules by using a unique combination of interactive classroom sessions, online learning and behind-the-wheel training in the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) framework, that will be specifically tailored to the U.S.

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Driving Safety Foundation Class: a fun way to improve safe driving skills

Wednesday December 3rd, 2008 at 7:1212 AM
Posted by: hollyrrr

Driving Safety Foundation
By Holly R.

Driver education and skill has a lot of room for improvement in this country. How many times in a day do we complain that driver’s licenses are as easy to get as pulling a prize out of a box of Cap’n Crunch Berries after watching some clown pull a Bozo move on the road? Even if we do consider ourselves above average drivers. How often do we practice ultra-safe driving skills and know how to react if a dangerous situation catches us while we sing-a-long happily to our favorite song on the radio? Or we get caught on a road slicker than Leisure Suit Larry picking up women at O’Leary’s Bar and the rear-end unexpectedly breaks loose and comes around. Do you know how to stay calm, instinctively countersteer and brake smoothly or do you snap into hyper-panic mode, scream like Fay Wray, and then drive your feet through the floor attempting to stop the car as you envision your life flashing in front of you?

Unless you spend a lot of time at the local raceway or kart track, your everyday driving skills could use some improvement. By the way, playing Gran Turismo 3 is a poor substitute for real seat time behind the steering wheel. Fortunately, Mary-Ellen and I had the opportunity to attend the driving school taught by Sia and Jeff at the Driving Safety Foundation ( Jeff was our instructor for the afternoon and introduced us to the Skid Monster.

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