2013 Porsche Boxster Review

Friday October 12th, 2012 at 8:1010 AM
Posted by: D.Colman

By David Colman

Hypes: Best 2 Seater You Can Buy
Gripes: Poor Rear Vision With Top Up

Up Front Disclaimer: there’s a 1998 Porsche Boxster in my garage. Because it’s fitted with a factory hardtop, the soft top almost never goes down. During the week I spent with this latest Boxster, the soft top hardly ever went up. In its day, my ’98 Boxster was a great sports car, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the Porsche that goes by that name today. Because the 2013 Boxster is the best sports car on the market you can buy right now. And given its base price of $49,500, it’s also a sensational deal.

It’s unlikely you’ll find a new Boxster for $49,500 unless you order one that way from your dealer. Porsche offers so many options to customize this car that your head will spin just trying to make sense of them all. The options on our test Boxster added $15,735 to the car’s sticker, and there’s not a single one in the bunch that you’d want to eliminate, because they’re all worth the extra money. Start with the $2,385 Leather Interior in Yachting Blue. This is a bargain when you consider that not only the seats, but the entire sweep of the dash, from windshield to console, is covered with pennant blue leather set off by deviated color stitching. This pale blue, combined with matching blue cloth roof, sets off the $710 Platinum Silver Metallic paint like a heavenly duet. The silver glows with a golden sheen that energizes the expanse of blue.

My ’98 Boxster has a thin-rimmed, 4-spoke steering wheel set on a fixed column, providing a take-it-or-leave-it steering position. The newest Boxster offers electric positioning for reach and height of the wheel. The 3-spoke “Multifunction” wheel itself is perfectly configured for ease of grasp. It features knurled knobs on the left spoke for sound system volume control, and on the right spoke for multifunction readouts which appear in the right instrument face. You can scroll through a bevy of information, including tire pressure, trip details (including mileage to empty), oil and water temps plus oil pressure, and radio settings. Best of all, you can turn that right gauge face into a navigational map if you have ordered the $3,860 Infotainment Package.

The fabric roof drops or raises in just 5 seconds, which is about what it takes the Boxster to sprint from 0 to 60mph. The handling of this mid-engine roadster is impeccable. Porsche fits 8 inch wide front, and 9 inch wide rear alloy wheels as standard. These 18 inch diameter wheels can be upgraded to 19 inch diameter Boxster S wheels for an additional charge of $1,560. Our test Boxster enjoyed this improvement. It charged through corners on its 235/40ZR19 front and 265/35ZR19 rear Pirelli P Zero tires with an effortlessness that defied the laws of physics. You’ll want to option your Boxster with the $1,790 PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) which places a pair of buttons on the central transmission tunnel, one to stiffen the shocks for a more sporting ride, the other to quicken the response of your throttle pedal.

It should not go unnoticed that Porsche has managed to green the Boxster by equipping it with an automatic idle shut-off feature that turns the engine off after a few seconds of waiting at a red light. This new program saves fuel and engine wear, as well as cutting smog output. The Boxster scores 24 MPG overall, with a high of 30MPG on highway runs. The Auto Start Stop system, which you can turn off at will, is so slick you hardly ever notice it in action. This is in distinct contrast to a similar system on a 3 Series BMW which gyrated the whole car every time it sprang into action.

Our test Boxster sported a 6-speed manual gearbox which is absolutely state of the art for ease of use, precision, and clutch engagement point feedback. Although you can equip your Boxster with a 7-speed semi automatic PDK transmission, the 6-speed is so fine that it burnishes the ownership experience to a shinier luster than the Platinum Silver Metallic paint.

2013 Porsche Boxster

  • Engine: 2.7 liter opposed 6, DOHC, 24 Valves
  • Horsepower: 265hp
  • Torque: 206 lb.-ft.
  • Fuel Consumption: 24 MPG City/30 MPG Highway
  • Price as Tested: $66,185
  • Star Rating: 10 out of 10 Stars

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Porsche World Roadshow USA Offers Enthusiasts a True Test Drive

Saturday May 21st, 2011 at 12:55 PM
Posted by: AKramer


For many new car buyers, heading over to the local dealership for a test drive is part of the shopping routine. Unfortunately, going for a 10 min. spin around the block with an over-eager sales-person sitting shotgun doesn’t really help in evaluating a car, especially if it’s a high-performance vehicle.

Recognizing this flaw, Porsche has decided to hit the road this year and make its world-class cars available to the public, and allow for much more than just a brief test drive. The Porsche World Roadshow program will be stopping at 6 US cities this summer, offering extended test drives and a performance driving experience that allows prospective buyers to put select models to the test.

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L.A. AUTO SHOW: 2010 Mazda 3, Honda Insight, Touareg TDI, Seinfeld at Boxster/Cayman release and Germans love the word "efficient".

Wednesday November 19th, 2008 at 5:1111 PM
Posted by: Kurt Gensheimer

By Kurt Gensheimer

Here’s the straight poop on what’s happening at the Los Angeles Auto Show…

2010 Mazda MAZDA3

Since its release nearly five years ago, the MAZDA3 has become a global best-seller due to its incredible balance of sportiness, practicality, fuel efficiency and affordability. In fact, one in every three cars Mazda sells worldwide is a MAZDA3. With the 2010 MAZDA3, Mazda yet again expects to raise the standard of what “economy” cars can deliver with more refined ride quality, a more luxurious-yet-sporty interior, attractive exterior styling resembling the RX-8, improved luggage space and new safety features. In addition, the MAZDA3 will offer new features like dual zone climate control, 8-way power seats, push button start and Bluetooth phone and audio; items not normally optioned in an economy car. The 2010 MAZDA3 will carry over the first-gen 2.0L four-cylinder, but will offer a new 2.5L with the company’s innovative new Start Stop technology that should put out between 175-185 horsepower and deliver up to 33 mpg.

Click the link for video of the new 2010 MAZDA3 sedan

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New Generation of Porsche 911 Series Deliver More Power Using Less Fuel

Monday September 29th, 2008 at 12:99 PM
Posted by: Derek

Paris Motor Show news from Porsche. All of the major auto manufacturers are working hard to squeeze better fuel economy out of their line-up. Porsche may be a luxury brand, but their customers are also conscious of the steep gas prices and our dependency upon foreign oil. Now you can have your cake and use less fuel according to Porsche. I’ll have to dig further and find out how much of an improvement the new generation of engines, all with DFI, have moved up in fuel economy. The official press release (with photos) is below the jump, but doesn’t mention any numbers with regards to how much the reworked engines have improved.


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Porsche Boxster RS 60 Spyder Review – First in its class

Thursday July 31st, 2008 at 10:77 AM
Posted by: Derek

Porsche Boxster RS 60 Spyder
Review and photos by Derek Mau


  • Superb handling and excellent steering feel
  • Power to weight ratio of a true sports car
  • Top-notch gearbox
  • High quality interior


  • Headroom not friendly to taller occupants with the top up
  • Road noise may too intrusive to some
  • Limited cargo space forces you to travel very light

Settling for second place has never been Porsche’s mind set. Porsche has a long list of podium finishes on and off of the racing circuit. In 1948 Porsche scored a first place finish at Innsbruck Stadtrennen with the 356, the first sports car to bear the Porsche name, only one month after it was road certified. Fast forward to 1984 for another notable first – Porsche, with the 911 Carrera 4×4, marks its first victory in the Paris–Dakar Rally. At Porsche safety is just as important as winning races. Porsche becomes the first car maker in Germany to equip all production models with an airbag for driver and front passenger as standard equipment. Now it seems that Porsche has taken the gold again in the form of a limited edition GT Silver Metallic Boxster, the RS 60 Spyder.

I was given the opportunity to test drive the RS 60 Spyder at the home of Porsche’s Sport Driving School (PSDS), Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama. In my opinion, the race track is the best place to put the RS 60 through its paces without scaring the natives on public roads. As an added bonus, I had legendary racer and lead PSDS instructor, Hurley Haywood, show me the race line at Barber Motorsports Park.

Porsche Boxster RS 60 Spyder Hurley Haywood

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German Premiere for the Porsche Boxster RS 60 Spyder

Monday March 17th, 2008 at 2:33 PM
Posted by: Derek

Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder

Porsche has released some additional photos of the special edition Boxster RS 60 Spyder in conjunction with the car’s German debut at the Auto Mobil International show in Leipzig. The Boxster RS 60 Spyder is a tribute to the Porsche that won Sebring 48 years ago. A total of 1,960 will be produced, each one fitted with slightly modified fascias, PASM, a wheel/tire upgrade, and a sport exhaust that bumps output to 298 HP (303 PS). Additionally, the cars are finished in the same silver-over-red combo as their forbear, with a numbered plaque adorning the dash. Following is the official press release from Porsche. Click on the thumbnail images to view them full size. Read the rest of this entry »

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