Best Hybrid and Green Cars of 2010

Monday November 1st, 2010 at 8:1111 AM
Posted by: AKramer

Ford Fusion / Mercury Milan Hybrids

Anyone looking for significantly increased fuel efficiency that doesn’t involve making many compromises should give Ford’s new pair of mid-size hybrid sedans a closer look. Whether dressed in bolder Ford styling or more conservative Mercury sheetmetal, Ford’s hybrid system works very well, with smooth transitions between electric and engine power, and equally impressive integration of the regenerative and conventional braking systems.

To top it off, fuel efficiency is the real deal. Over several hundred miles of mixed driving we averaged between 38 and 39 mpg, and with a little bit of hypermiling 40+ mpg is easily achievable. To encourage frugal driving, Ford offers its SmartGuage cluster with EcoGuide, which consists of LCD displays on each side of the speedometer that display such things as battery charge/discharge levels, instant fuel economy, and fuel economy history.


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4 Responses to Best Hybrid and Green Cars of 2010

  1. derek says:

    We drove the Lexus CT200h and liked its multiple personalities. With its hybrid drivetrain, the CT200h can be miserly on gas as any other high mileage car, but not look like a candidate for the slow-lane. Literally flipping a switch (or in this case a knob) to “sport” mode wakens the tiny beast within and the fun factor increases 10x. Add to the mix the utility of a hatchback and 40 mpg, and the CT looks pretty darn good. Follow the link to read our full review of the Lexus CT200h.

  2. francois says:

    Great variation in the list! I’m glad you put some variations on the theme as not all green cars have to be small and boring.

    The TDI golf is cool and everything with that engine qualifies. The Jetta, Golf, Audi A3 tdi are great driving cars. I drove gently on a Golf TDI on the freeway and got 55 mpg!

    This Lexus CT 200h looks awesome as well. It’s a Prius but it looks good and hopefully drives good.

    I’m still waiting for a hybrid Diesel. That would be a category killer.

  3. Alex Kramer says:

    Although poking fun at some of the premium hybrids might seem easy to do, there are several reasons why the Lexus is a legitimate green alternative. First, comparing a Chevy SUV with a 4-cylinder engine to a V6 powered Luxus Hybrid SUV is an apples vs. oranges comparison. Compared to, say, a Cadillac SRX, the Lexus gets considerably better mileage. Second, mileage claims based on EPA figures are very misleading. In our testing, the Lexus 450h achieved 28 mpg, and we don’t tend to drive conservatively. Most conventional V6 powered SUVs achieve well under 20 mpg in real world driving. This makes the Lexus over 50% more efficient than comparable non-hybrids in its class, which is a more substantial increase than many other hybrids can claim.

  4. Peter Anastopulos says:

    How in the World could you include the Lexus Hybrid 450H which is beat mileage wise by the Chevy Equinox.The Equinox with out the hybrid technology get’s better mileage cost half as much.As I am sure you know building a hybrid in the Toyota does is a very dirty proposition .At 60 thousand dollar RX450h has become a fashion statement but it’s a joke.Who are you kidding it’s not a Green car by any means and if you want to save gas there a lot of more practical way’s to do it with out spending 60 large.

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