2012 Fiat 500 Abarth

Wednesday April 18th, 2012 at 8:44 AM
Posted by: berrichondanny

Fiat 500 interior

Rear seating space is very tight, both in legroom and headroom. I would not recommend anyone over 5’6” try to sit back there for any trip longer than 5 minutes. It gets a little claustrophobic back there. I’m sure the upcoming cabrio version, just announced by Chrysler, will help tremendously with that.


The Fiat 500 Sport MSRPs just under $20k. Sure, you can buy a lot more space and a bigger engine for that money. But in terms of the amount of cuteness and style per dollar, nothing even comes close to beating the 500 in the minicompact or subcompact segments.


Should you buy the Fiat 500 if you have kids? Probably not. On the other had, have you always wanted to buy a Vespa scooter, but never got past training wheels when you were a kid? Do you enjoy go karting? Do you like gelato? How ‘bout espresso? If you answered yes to any of these other questions, you should go down to the Fiat showroom at your local Chrysler dealership and test drive the 500. Only if you know how to drive stick, of course. I haven’t driven the 500 with an automatic ,but I’m pretty sure that’s not the one you want.

Fiat 500 16 inch aluminum wheel

RATING 4.5 4.0 4.5 4.0 5.0 3.5 4.25/B+

2012 FIAT 500 SPORT

  • ENGINE: 1.4 liter I4 MultiAir engine
  • HORSEPOWER: 104hp
  • TRANSMISSION: 5-speed manual
  • MPG: 30 city / 38 highway
  • PRICE: $17,500


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