2011 Volvo XC60 R-Design Review – It’s got the brawn, but who’s got the brains?

Tuesday August 2nd, 2011 at 4:88 PM
Posted by: bclark

Volvo XC60 has almost 67 cubic feet of storage capacityVolvo XC60 has 67.4 cubic feet of storage capacity

The XC60 is a car for life… You can use the booster seats to carry younger toddlers and there’s ample room to carry older kids and their sports gear. When those older kids are old enough to drive on their own, you can send them out with additional peace of mind given the all the collision/pedestrian detect with auto-brake and following distance warnings. That extra bit of nannying that a young, inexperienced driver needs (and some of us experienced drivers) is the next best thing to Mom and Dad being there to reprimand bad driving habits. When your oldest child goes off to college, send the car with them – if you can peel the Turbo six and 20-inch wheels out of dad’s hands.

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3 Responses to 2011 Volvo XC60 R-Design Review – It’s got the brawn, but who’s got the brains?

  1. MikeG says:


  2. Bill Clark says:

    Thanks, Peter. I think only the black ones come with a complimentary vampire. A friend of mine just bought an outback as well and he loves it. I personally like having this kind of power in an SUV. I think it depends on how you will use it. Load one up with camping gear, four mountain bikes (on the receiver hitch), and four passengers and head up into the Sierras and you’ll appreciate the power. If you are not going to need the power, Volvo makes a non-turbo model starting at $32k, which would be a great alternative. The crossovers do put you at a higher level where you might have a better chance in the case of an impact with an over-sized SUV – compared to sedan vs. oversized SUV.

  3. Peter Anastopulos says:

    Nice review Bill but does it come with a Vampire since it’s the car of choice in the Twilight series?It is nice looking but does one need that kind of power in an SUV because the R type was never meant to tow anything.I don’t believe tall cars should be fast since it’s against there nature.Low cars should be fast and tall cars should be useful.Having bought my first SUV I can see why people like them our 2012 Outback is great and it is slow.My previous vehicles have been turbo charged wagons from Audi, V.W., and Volvo .Low slung shooting breaks with tons of power with the 2 box styling working as a foil.The comfort that the SUV gives is what I think it’s main purpose above all and I am told Women with a baby like the ease of entry .

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