2011 Infiniti G37 S Review – The consummate wolf in sheep’s clothing

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The performance-friction brake pads added to the sport-package big brakes are equally surprising when you need to scrub that speed. Braking is also world-class. Under quick stops, you’ll feel the blood rush to your cheeks and you’ll have to squint a bit to keep your eyeballs in their sockets – or so it would seem.

The only place you feel the car’s weight is in the corners. The G37S handles beyond where most drivers will push it, but when you do push it, you realize that the 225/245 tires are a touch small for its heft. I think a 255/275 combo would be more appropriate for serious sporting, but gas mileage would suffer. Despite the small-ish tires, the G37S somehow holds a line like no other when cornering on rough pavement.


The bad:
The paddle-shifters are programmed to have enough sluggishness to make them useless for anything but gearing down for overtaking other cars on the highway. I know they must be programmed this way because I have driven the 370z which gives you immediate shifts.

The ride is very firm – that’s fine for anyone coming from a sports car, but it might be too much for anyone used to luxury sedans. If Infiniti wanted to make this car a perfect ten, they would allow adjustable suspension and transmission programming. Automatic mode would soften the suspension and give me those laggy shifts on the paddle shifters. Switching the transmission into sport mode should firm up the suspension and give me immediate paddle shifts.

Enough about the sporting nature – this is a family sedan after all, right (wink, wink).


The bottom line:
This incredible sports-sedan is capable of transporting 4 full-sized adults in complete comfort while capable of making them all lose their lunch on the back-roads. But if you have the need, it’s perfectly suited for driving the kids to soccer practice or getting groceries.


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  • Bill says:

    Peter, Thanks for the counter-point from someone closer to the 6-foot club. I am 5’5\ and 150lbs so maybe that’s why I found it so comfortable while your experience differed. I have not driven the latest Altima, but I plan to check it out. I must have found somewhere comfortable to stow my size 8 left foot since I’m pretty sure I brought it with me, but don’t recall not having a place to put it. I wonder what year/model you drove. Having no place for a left-foot is a pet peve of mine too.

  • Peter Anastopulos says:

    Test drove this car Bill and agree with you on many counts except the ergonomics are unbearable.I think this was designed for a 5’6 Japanese man or women.The pedals are way to close and there is nowhere for some one to rest there foot.This is a dangerous design flaw and if you were on a size 8 you will have problems.The seats were not supported just badly contoured.The sunroof cut off my head room and the backseats were awful .I did not feel I was in a 30k to 40k car it really was not a step up over the Altima.Actually the Altima was a much better car.The looks of the G were so nondescript as you said that it looks generic.I would really qualify this car for Women and smaller Men because if you approach 6′ as most American males due this car is a safely hazard.

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