2008 Ford F-250 4×4 Crew Cab Diesel Harley Davidson Edition – Whew!

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The 5 speed Torqshift automatic transmission was smooth and stout, and the tree shifter had clear, precise shifts which locked into each gear with authority, and offers a tow/haul mode that compensates for altitude, grade and load. Although the truck was equipped with 4×4, we didn’t venture to test its offroad prowess. A truck this big with this much power never comes home from an off-road adventure without suffering some kind of body or drivetrain damage (at least in the hands of this author), so we refrained. It’s too easy to get in over your head with so much brawn at your disposal.

However, we did take the F-250 on some washboarded dirt roads, and the ride was horrendous. Studder bumps put the suspension into fits of rage, kicking, bucking and fighting back like a branded bull. Of course, solid front and rear axles with rear leaf springs designed for towing probably didn’t help the situation either. Regardless, this is not a truck you want to hit Baja with before doing some serious suspension work.

On the freeways, the F-250 was surprisingly quiet. The fuel injectors and pump, usually the noisiest culprits in on a diesel, are hidden under aluminum covers to silence the racket. Add in the Ford’s cavernous interior, and it makes for a comfortable, serene highway vehicle which can take you cross-country without an ounce of discomfort – except when you have to stop to fill up the 30 gallon fuel tank.


The Harley Davidson edition of the F-250 Super Duty is totally pimped. Lots of chrome accents everywhere, just like a Harley bike, and on the front of the center console, a massive chrome badge celebrating the company’s 105th anniversary. Other accouterments unique to the Harley edition include quad captain’s chairs complete with Harley badge in the backrest, heated, power front seats, power sliding rear window, telescoping, heated towing mirrors and rubber bed mat and floor mats with the Harley insignia. The F-250 is also equipped with a built in trailer brake output adjustment dial and four auxilary switches, which give the dash an extra touch of big rig, utilitarian style.

As you can imagine, this truck is a bear to maneuver in tight spaces, but with the telescoping side mirrors, sonar warning system on the rear bumper and a backup camera that pops up in the left hand side of the rearview mirror when in reverse, at least there are a few tech features to keep you from running over, oh, I don’t know, a low flying airplane, perhaps?

The center consoles are gargantuan, enough to swallow an infant. For back seat passengers, getting in the truck can prove to be a little tricky, as the B-pillar juts into legroom space, but once inside the truck, legroom opens up, and passengers are treated with a DVD-player system which folds down from the ceiling.

Although Ford’s navigation system isn’t the latest in graphic showiness, it’s functional, easy to use and intuitive. We’re big fans of this navigation system for those three basic reasons. Dual zone climate control and attractive piano black finish dash trim complete the rugged, yet luxurious appointments of the Super Duty interior.


Equally pimped. From the 20-inch Harley insignia rims to the special Harley F-250 badges and orange pinstriping, this Super Duty won’t be confused with your run-of-the-mill F-250. All black bumpers and body trim give it that extra stealthy look and make the chrome badges stand out. Lighted running boards help vertically challenged people get in at night without a stepladder and flashlight.

And nice little touches like the stowable bed extender and tailgate step help make carrying large, heavy loads a little bit less backbreaking. But on a truck this big and well-equipped, there’s one thing missing – those little orange lights above the cab. I guess those only come on the even more manly F-350.


Of course, no evaluation of a diesel Ford pickup can be complete without comparing it to its two biggest rivals, Chevy and Dodge. Regardless of what quality, features and track record each brand delivers, there are always going to be die hard fans of each brand – no matter how many nightmares they’ve had to endure with their trucks. But when you consider this F-250 Super Duty has every option you could ever wish for in a 4×4 truck, plus the fact that it’s a limited edition model, the sticker price of $58,700 is almost justifiable. But I would recommend to prospective buyers to practice due diligence. The Chevy hasn’t won a bunch of awards for nothing.

Regardless, whatever the price, we find that most times buyers of these trucks are highly opinionated based on many factors not limited to a) what every member in the family has been driving since 1936, b) what make their favorite NASCAR driver reps and c) their favorite make of diesel engine.

Who should buy it?

A man much more manly than me who has to tow manly loads and haul manly stuff. It would also help to own at least one Harley. A woman could buy it too -I don’t want to discriminate – but honestly, if she doesn’t drive big rigs for a living, and have forearms like Popeye, she’s gonna struggle with this machine.


At first I scoffed at the ridiculousness of this machine, but unlike the Hummer H2 – which serves absolutely no purpose beyond satisfying the emotional and physical shortcomings of its owner – at least the F-250 has real utilitarian value and serves a purpose. At the end of our week with the F-250, I was actually sad to see it go. So was my wife. It was big, bold, luxurious, powerful, spacious and black – her favorite color. For years I’ve been trying to convince my wife to let me get a tow rig for my rock crawling 4Runner, but she’s always squelched my efforts. But after riding in the ol’ montrous twin turbo diesel Super Duty for a few days, she’s suddenly more agreeable to the prospect. I love America!!!!!!

Build Interior Performance Handling Styling Value Overall
Rating 4.0 5.0 5.0 3.0 5.0 4.0 4.3/B+

Ford Motor Co.Official website for Ford cars, hybrids, trucks, and SUVs – www.fordvehicles.com

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  • Walter says:

    I bought my 2008 harly a year ago,love it,just drove from Superior Colorado,to San Antonio Texas,enjoy,ever mile.

  • Brian says:

    brett, I Think you sad it right : if its what you want i say go for it. life is short. enjoy it while ya can !!!!

  • brett says:

    I bought my 2008 F-250 harley edition in March of 08 and i love it. other than the fuel mileage i have no complaints…i pulled a 24′ enclosed haulmark carhauler loaded down with 4 bikes and a ton of gear from houston, tx to sturgis, sd and back, 3000 miles roudtrip. truck never missed a lick up and down the mountains and could barely tell the trailer was back there on flat ground. the only issue i have had is with the exhaust regeneration as stated by the guys above. i drive about 2 hrs each day back and forth to work and it usually shows cleaning exhaust filter at least twice a day. it hasnt effected my fuel mileage…from day one i’ve gotten just a bit under 14 mpg combined hwy & city. the trip to sturgis was another story, we passed everything but the gas station getting about 9.5 mpg with that big trailer. i drive the hell out of it, usually 80-85 interstate and i still get the same mileage when im not loaded down. i’ve put close to 60k on it in a little over a yr and a half and i’m very satisfied with it. if i had it to do all over again, i think i would have gone with the king ranch and saved myself about 10k with the discounts i could have gotten. they wouldnt budge on the sticker on the HD edition and my wife nearly had a heart attack when we signed the papers and she saw that the note was nearly what our house note is. but im die hard harley, got a stable of steel ponies in the garage, so when i test drove that beast i knew i had to have it. its definitely a beauty when she’s all shined up and i still get complimented everywhere i go in it. to each his/her own i say. if its what you want i say go for it. life is short. enjoy it while ya can

  • paul says:

    well Dennis,

    Ford wont go ‘…the way of chev and dodge…’ cause they just don’t suck. And if they do I assume you don’t want to pay or it…or do you?

    There are ways to decrease the frequency of regeneration…research it!


  • Dennis Pollard says:

    I own a 2008 Ford Super Duty. Paid $52,000.00 from Phil Long Ford in Colorado Springs. Was getting about 17 mpg with no load on the truck. With a load (30 foot 5th wheel and 22 foot boat) I was getting about9-10 mpg depending on the terrain. I took the truck in for an oil change at about 16,000 miles and the dealer did a upgrade to the system computer. Now I get around 9 mpg with no load. Haven’t loaded it to see what it will do. The unit goes into the exhaust regeneration cycle more often than it should. Ford says that it should go into this cycle every 100 to 600 miles. I have observed this unit going into the cycle every 39 to 89 miles. I have tried taking it back to the dealer but it does no good. I have called Ford customer service and they tell me that this is normal and they will do nothing about it. I did not ask for my computer to be upgraded. The dealership tampered with my unit and will not undo what they have done to it. Ford will not do anything either. I hope Ford goes the way of Chevrolet and Chrysler/Dodge. I have bought my last Ford and I have owned nothing but Ford since 1972.

  • Derek says:

    At the top of the page click on the link for Ford F-250 specs and brace yourself for sticker shock. The Harley-Davidson edition requires some serious cash.

  • dang, thats a pretty sweet ride. i know my GF would kill for one of those bad boys. i wonder how much it costs…

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